10 Fill In The Blank Thread Hook Templates That You Can Use to Get More Likes, Retweets, and Followers

Welcome to the world of Twitter Marketing where one viral tweet can change the course of your online presence overnight. Today, we’re focusing on a secret sauce of Twitter success – thread hook templates.

In this post, I’ll provide 10 fill in the blank thread hook templates that you can swipe to instantly make your threads stand out. Customize these hooks with your unique voice, perspective and content. Then, watch as your threads take off, bringing you more of those sweet, sweet likes, retweets and followers.

Twitter threads have emerged as a powerful tool to convey extended thoughts, share stories, and engage audiences. But writing a compelling thread requires both art and science. The art is your story, the creative part. The science? It’s in the method, the hook that reels your audience in, and keeps them reading until the end. That’s where our 10 fill in the blank hook templates come into play.

10 Fill In The Blank Thread Hook Templates That You Can Use to Get More Likes, Retweets, and Followers

These pre-built twitter thread templates make it easy to create hooks that grab attention and pull readers into your content.

With the right hook template, you can:

  • Establish authority and credibility from the start.
  • Make bold promises and claims that arouse curiosity.
  • Offer immediately relevant and useful advice
  • Give readers a reason to care right off the bat!

Keep reading for 10 plug-and-play thread hook templates that you can swipe today. Fill in the blanks with your own messaging, swap out examples for ones tailored to your audience, and develop the hooks into full, value-packed threads.

#1 _ Simple Principles to

This twitter thread template is perfect for sharing knowledge or life lessons. It’s a promise of value. Use it to establish credibility and make readers eager to learn from you. Readers are drawn to straightforward, actionable advice.


Talk about principles related to your niche that will provide value. Share ones that are foundational yet overlooked or misunderstood. Promise transformation and include numbered steps for more punch.

#2 – Steal My Playbook – I (Did This Amazing Thing) in (Short Time Frame)

This template involves sharing personal experiences and success stories. This hook establishes you as an aspirational figure readers want to learn from. Share an impressive accomplishment and timeframe to wow them.


  • Steal My Playbook – I Grew My Twitter Following from 0 to 10K in 6 Months
  • Steal My Playbook – I Launched a Successful Online Course in 3 Weeks

Use this formula to showcase wins related to your audience’s goals. Be specific with numbers and timeframes. Then, offer to reveal the steps you took so readers can replicate your success.

#3: _ Sentences That’ll Make You Than a __

Use this to share powerful insights or wisdom that’s more valuable than formal education. Exaggerated comparisons attract attention while conveying the value you provide. Choose descriptors that fit your brand voice and get readers curious.


  • 5 Sentences That’ll Make You Cooler Than a Yeti Eating Frozen Yogurt
  • 8 Phrases That’ll Make You More Popular Than Pizza at a Slumber Party

Have fun with comparisons related to your niche. Hyperbolic language builds anticipation for what you’ll share. Promise transformation and include actionable sentences or phrases readers can use.

#4 The _ Rules Everyone Should Learn by _

This twitter thread template is a call to action for your audience to learn something by a certain age or stage in life.


  • The 10 Twitter Rules Everyone Should Learn by Age 30
  • The 5 Email Marketing Fundamentals Everyone Should Master by 2025

Share rules or lessons everyone in your industry should know, tailored to your audience’s needs and goals. Set an aspirational yet realistic age or year to motivate readers to learn from you now.

#5 This Will Make You _ in _ Days.

If you’re sharing a process or a transformation journey, this template is your best bet. Promise rapid change in a short timeframe to establish value and urgency.


  • This Will Make You a Twitter Expert in 30 Days
  • This Will Make You a Top Seller in 14 Days

Use this framework to make a bold promise of transformation related to a reader goal. Keep the timeframe realistic but accelerated. Then, overdeliver with advice to drive the promised results.

#6 If You Want to Fix____________, Read This

This hook is for problem solvers. You’re addressing a pain point directly and offering a solution. This establishes immediate relevance while providing value.


  • If You Want to Fix Your Slow Twitter Growth, Read This
  • If You Want to Fix Your Poor Email Open Rates, Read This

Think of issues your audience complains about or asks for solutions for. Craft a hook promising to address the problem, then overdeliver with fix-it advice.

#7 _ Things I Know at _ I Wish I’d Known at _

A template for sharing life lessons and experiences. We all wish we could go back in time and tell our younger selves what we know now. This hook capitalizes on that sentiment to share insightful lessons.


  • 10 Things I Know at 30 I Wish I’d Known at 20
  • 5 Things I Know About Business at 40 I Wish I’d Known at 25

Use this formula to provide perspective people wish they had at pivotal life stages related to your niche. Mix universal wisdom with industry-specific tips.

#8 – Give Me 2 Minutes – Give Me 2 Minutes and I’ll Teach You (Audience Desire)

This hook offers a quick fix or lesson. This hook positions your advice as so easy and valuable readers would be foolish to pass it up. The short timeframe creates urgency.


  • Give Me 2 Minutes – I’ll Teach You How to Grow Your Twitter Following
  • Give Me 2 Minutes – I’ll Teach You How to Launch a Successful Podcast

Promise to teach a skill related to readers’ goals in just 2 minutes. Set expectations your content will provide tremendous value fast. Then, overdeliver.

#9 It Feels Illegal to Know About These______________

Here, you’re sharing knowledge or tools that seem too good to be true.
Forbidden knowledge. Who can resist that? This hook baits readers by suggesting you’ll let them in on insider information.


  • It Feels Illegal to Know These Twitter Growth Hacks
  • It Feels Illegal to Know These Negotiation Secrets

Tease access to niche “secrets,” hacks or tricks with an air of exclusivity. Sprinkle in words like “little-known,” or “hidden” to pique curiosity. But ensure the actual advice provides true value.

#10 _ Habits to Get Rid of_____

With this template, you’re helping readers eliminate negative habits. We all have habits holding us back from success. Position your thread as an intervention to help people improve.


  • 5 Habits to Get Rid of Social Media Procrastination
  • 7 Habits to Get Rid of Writer’s Block for Good

Promise to help people eliminate habits related to their frustrations and goals. Use action-oriented language. Then, share surprisingly simple steps to form better habits.

The Importance of Hooks

Hooks aren’t just a copywriting tactic. They’re a fundamental part of engaging storytelling. They set the tone for your thread, grab attention, and make readers want to stick around. So, don’t just fill in the blanks. Customize these templates to match your unique voice and audience.

Get More From Your Thread Hooks

These fill in the blank thread hook templates give you an arsenal of proven formulas to instantly create engaging openings for viral Twitter threads.

But hooks are just the beginning. You need compelling content and seamless execution to reel readers in and keep them engaged throughout your entire thread.

That’s where tools like Tweet Hunter come in handy.

Tweet Hunter makes it easy to:

  • Plan and organize your threads in advance.
  • Collaborate with a team to create content
  • Schedule tweets for optimal timing
  • Analyze performance and make data-driven improvements
  • Automate engagement to boost reach.

With smart planning and promotion, your thread hooks will turn into the long, value-packed threads your audience loves.

The Value of Fill-in-the-Blank Formulas

As you can see, fill-in-the-blank thread hook templates make it easy for anyone to create irresistible openings optimized for engagement.

But hooks alone won’t grow your audience. You need consistently captivating content that delivers actual value to your followers.

That’s why it helps to start with proven frameworks that work, then customize them with your unique voice and perspective.

These thread hook templates give you an outline to build upon. The fill-in-the blank format makes it easy to tailor them to your niche, brand and audience.

Swipe these formulas to ignite the creative process. Then craft threads around the hooks that overdeliver, establishing you as a trusted source worth following.

Over time, you’ll develop an intuitive sense for hooks that pop. You’ll be able to craft them from scratch to suit your needs.

But developing that “hook intuition” takes practice. So leverage these templates to master the art and science of high-converting thread headlines.

The Importance of Engaging Twitter Threads

Crafting compelling threads has become a crucial skill for anyone looking to grow their reach and authority on Twitter.

10 Fill In The Blank Thread Hook Templates

But far too many threads fail to deliver on their initial promise, leaving readers frustrated and unlikely to engage again.

That’s why every piece of your thread matters – from the opening hook to the final call-to-action.

With a strategic hook, you prime readers to eagerly anticipate what you’ll share. You establish relevance, build curiosity and promise value right off the bat.

Next, your thread content must deliver insightful, useful information tailored to your audience’s needs. Each tweet should move the narrative forward and build anticipation.

Finally, end your thread with a clear CTA, such as:

  • Requesting retweets or shares
  • Directing people to a landing page
  • Promoting a discount or special offer
  • Suggesting relevant accounts to follow

This seamless execution transforms one-off readers into loyal followers who eagerly await your next thread.

Get More Twitter Followers

If you’re looking to grow your Twitter following, these templates are a good start. But remember, consistency is key. Regularly delivering valuable content will not only attract followers but also foster a loyal audience. You can learn more about this in our post on How to Grow Your Newsletter with Twitter.


Twitter threads are an art and a science. With these 10 fill in the blank hook templates, you’re well equipped to master both. Remember, these templates are starting points. Make them your own and see how your Twitter engagement flourishes.

To make your Twitter marketing even more effective, consider using tools like HypeFury or check out our comparison of Hypefury vs TweetHunter.

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