"My Mission Is To Help People In Their Online Earnings And Provide Them With The Best Ways To Earn Money Online"

Although The Website Was Founded in 2017, My Marketing Roots Go Back To 2015.

I’m Currently a Passionate Blogger, Marketer, Online Instructor, Youtuber Who Loves To Do New Things To Learn New Things. I’m Running Several Blogs/Websites On The Internet And Also Have A Plan For Teaching Many Courses in Urdu And in English in The Coming Years.


I Am Currently A Student Of Computer Science. With My Education I Am Learning About Online Marketing And Video Editing etc and It Feels Like Learning is a Part Of My Life Now.

I Researched About Online Learning On The Internet For Several Months, I Was Searching For Information Mostly in Urdu but I Didn’t Find Sufficient Information in Urdu, Therefore I Started Learning English At The Same Time I Started Creating Blogs and Websites and now In 2017 I Have Some Extensive Knowledge About Computers and Internet. And This is The Most Valuable Thing For Me, I Really Respect It, I Try To Share It and Want To Share All Of It Before Leaving This World, At The Same Time I Continue Learning New Things Because INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY or KNOWLEDGE Has No Boundary. Every Day is A New Day For Me as a learner and I try to learn At Least One New Thing Every Single Day.

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