TweetHunter vs Typefully: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison

Twitter has become a crucial platform for individuals and businesses alike to share thoughts, ideas, news, and promotions. Tools like TweetHunter and Typefully have emerged as a solution to streamline this process. But how do you decide which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll explore the two platforms in depth, comparing their features, pricing, pros, and cons.

But how exactly do TweetHunter and Typefully compare against each other? Which tool would work better for your business?

In this detailed review, we will comprehensively compare the two platforms across key factors like features, pricing, pros and cons. Read on to make an informed decision on which platform best suits your Twitter marketing needs.

What is TweetHunter?

Tweet Hunter is an advanced AI-driven Twitter tool that helps users generate, schedule, and automate tweets. It offers unique features like tweet recycling, automation, and in-depth analytics, making it a popular choice for businesses, social media managers, and influencers.

TweetHunter vs Typefully

But how exactly do Tweet Hunter and Typefully compare against each other? Which tool would work better for your business?

In this detailed review, we will comprehensively compare the two platforms across key factors like features, pricing, pros and cons. Read on to make an informed decision on which platform best suits your Twitter marketing needs.

TweetHunter: Pros and Cons

Like any tool, TweetHunter has its strengths and weaknesses.

Pros of using TweetHunter

  • AI-powered tweet composer: Tweet Hunter’s Lacuna AI comes up with hundreds of tweet ideas and drafts to choose from. You can also fine-tune the AI’s suggestions.
  • Auto thread creation: It can transform long-form content into perfectly optimized threads automatically.
  • Multi-account management: Lets you manage unlimited Twitter accounts from a single dashboard.
  • In-depth analytics: Provides detailed analytics on tweet performance – engagement, reach, top tweets, user demographics etc.
  • Tweet scheduling: Allows scheduling tweets and threads for automated posting at optimal times.
  • Zapier integration: Integrates with other apps like Zapier for workflow automation.

Cons of using TweetHunter

  • Steep learning curve: TweetHunter has a complex interface which can be tricky to master for beginners.
  • No free version: It doesn’t offer a free plan, so you need to pay to try it out.
  • Limited support: Customer support is primarily restricted to online documentation and email.

Now that we’ve looked at TweetHunter’s key highlights, let’s explore some of its most notable features in more depth.

TweetHunter’s Key Features

TweetHunter’s key features are designed to streamline your Twitter management.

Tweet Scheduling

TweetHunter makes it easy to schedule unlimited tweets and threads. You can customize scheduling based on factors like optimal timing, target users’ timezones, and frequency caps.

It also lets you schedule retweets, Twitter polls, pinned tweets, tweets with images or videos – all from a centralized dashboard.


Lacuna, TweetHunter’s proprietary AI assistant generates hundreds of high-quality tweet ideas, drafts, and threads for you.

You can also automate functions like Twitter follow/unfollow, auto-liking tweets with relevant hashtags, and automated messaging.


TweetHunter offers detailed analytics on your tweet performance. You can track metrics like impressions, engagements, user demographics, top tweets, and best posting times.

These insights help you identify your top-performing tweets and fine-tune your Twitter strategy for maximum growth.

Tweet Hunter’s Pricing

TweetHunter starts at $99 per month and offers different pricing levels depending on the features and number of accounts you want to manage. For a detailed breakdown of pricing levels, visit this page.

Typefully: A Detailed Review

Typefully is another Twitter tool that focuses on writing and scheduling tweets. With its excellent thread editor, prompt generator, and tweet scheduling based on suggested slots, it provides a simplified yet effective way to manage your Twitter account.

Typefully - Best Twitter Automation Tools

Tweet Hunter has three pricing tiers suitable for different customers:

  • Starter: $49/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month

The Starter plan offers basic features like tweet scheduling, analytics, Zapier integration and managing 1 Twitter account.

The Pro plan lets you access team members, AI composer, multi-account management, while the Business plan has advanced features and priority support.

Typefully: Pros and Cons

Just like Tweet Hunter, Typefully also has its pros and cons.

Pros of Typefully

  • Excellent thread editor:Allows crafting visually appealing, optimized threads with ease.
  • AI writing assistant: Vesper, Typefully’s AI, provides tweet ideas, feedback and edits.
  • Affordable pricing: Very cost-effective compared to competitors like Tweet Hunter.
  • Analytics included: Get insights into top tweets, user demographics, engagement metrics.
  • Schedule tweets easily: Optimization suggestions for timing and frequency to boost reach.
  • Zapier integration: Connects with other software tools for automated workflows.
  • Account switching: Manage unlimited Twitter accounts from one dashboard.

Cons of Typefully

  • Lacks automation: Doesn’t have extensive automation for following, DMing users etc.
  • No free version: Need to pay to access Typefully’s features.
  • Limited customer support: Support mostly through documentation and email.

Now let’s explore some of Typefully’s notable capabilities:

Typefully’s Key Features

Typefully comes with a host of features designed to help Twitter users create impactful content and schedule it for optimal reach.

Great Thread Editor with Mobile Preview

Typefully makes it easy to create visually stunning threads optimized for engagement. You can add tweets, rearrange thread structure, preview how it looks on mobile and refine tweets – all within Typefully’s editor.

Tweet Scheduling Based on Suggested Slots

Typefully analyzes your audience activity and recommends the optimal days/times for scheduling tweets. This ensures your tweets get maximum visibility and engagement.

Thread Prompt & Ideas Generator

Stuck trying to come up with content? Typefully’s AI assistant Vesper provides hundreds of prompt-based tweet ideas to spark your creativity.

Typefully’s Pricing

Typefully’s pricing starts at $10 per month, with various tiers offering different features. For a detailed description of pricing levels. Typefully has three pricing tiers:

  • Explore: Free, with limited features
  • Create: $9/month
  • Collaborate: $29/month
  • Business: $59/month

The Create plan offers core features like tweet scheduling, analytics, Zapier integration. Collaborate has team features while Business has priority support.

Compared to TweetHunter, Typefully delivers excellent value at much more affordable price points.

Now that we’ve thoroughly reviewed both tools separately, let’s compare them head-to-head:

TweetHunter vs Typefully: A Feature-by-feature Comparison

Comparing TweetHunter and Typefully side by side reveals that while both tools offer tweet scheduling and writing features, TweetHunter’s automation and analytics capabilities might give it an edge for some users. On the other hand, Typefully’s user-friendly interface and creative prompts make it a great choice for those who value simplicity and creativity.

Tweet SchedulingYesYes
Thread SchedulingYesYes
Analytics DashboardYesYes
AI Writing AssistantYesYes
Audience AnalysisYesYes
Zapier IntegrationYesYes
Team CollaborationBusiness PlanCollaborate Plan
Twitter Account SwitchingYesYes
Auto Thread CreationYesNo
Tweet Auto-replyYesNo

Key Takeaways

  • Both platforms offer robust core features like scheduling, analytics, AI writing assistant and Zapier integration.
  • TweetHunter offers more advanced automation capabilities like auto thread creation and tweet auto-reply.
  • Typefully provides better support for team collaboration, starting at just $29/month.

TweetHunter vs Typefully: Pricing Comparison

While TweetHunter offers more advanced features, it also comes with a higher price tag starting at $99 per month. On the other hand, Typefully, with its basic plan starting at $10 per month, might be a more affordable choice for individuals or small businesses.


Key Takeaways

  • Typefully’s pricing is significantly more affordable across all tiers compared to TweetHunter.
  • TweetHunter’s basic plan lacks key features like team collaboration and multi-account access.
  • Typefully provides great value, offering a robust Pro plan for just $29/month.

The Best Alternative: Is Typefully The Superior Choice?

Based on our detailed comparison, here’s why we believe Typefully beats TweetHunter as the best Twitter automation and analytics platform:

  • Cost-effective pricing: Typefully offers far better value, with plans starting at just $9/month.
  • Excellent team features: Robust team collaboration capabilities starting at just $29/month.
  • User-friendly editor: Typefully’s visual thread editor makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality, optimized threads.
  • AI writing assistant: Like TweetHunter, Typefully provides an AI assistant for content ideas and refinements.
  • Powerful analytics: Actionable insights into tweet performance to tweak your Twitter strategy.
  • Account switching: Seamlessly manage unlimited Twitter accounts from one Typefully dashboard.

For most users, Typefully provides the ideal combination of robust features, intuitive interface and affordable pricing compared to TweetHunter.

TweetHunter vs Typefully: The Final Verdict

Let’s summarize the key findings from our comparison:

  • Features: Both provide strong core capabilities, but TweetHunter has more advanced automation while Typefully excels at its thread editor and collaboration features.
  • Pricing: Typefully clearly wins on pricing, offering far better value across all plans.
  • Ease of use: Typefully’s user-friendly editor makes it ideal for anyone. TweetHunter has a steeper learning curve.
  • Alternatives: For a powerful free alternative, check out Buffer. TweetFull is great for creating Twitter threads on mobile.

Overall, while both are robust tools, Typefully beats TweetHunter for most users based on its competitive pricing, intuitive interface and excellent features optimized for crafting high-quality threads easily.

Unless you require advanced Twitter automation capabilities, Typefully is the best choice for solopreneurs, teams and businesses looking to step up their Twitter game. Sign up for Typefully today and supercharge your Twitter presence! Don’t Forget To Drop a Follow at @FassihFayyaz.

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