How to Set up Twitter Auto DM: A Comprehensive Guide

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is a powerful platform for brands and influencers alike. It’s a space where relationships are built, and engagement is key. One tool that is becoming increasingly popular in the Twitterverse is the Twitter Auto DM.

Twitter’s direct messaging (DM) feature allows users to send private messages to their followers. While you can manually send DMs to followers, doing this for thousands of followers is time-consuming.

This is where Twitter’s auto DM feature comes in handy. It allows you to automatically send pre-defined messages to your new followers or users who engage with your tweets.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up auto DMs on Twitter using Tweet Hunter.

What is Auto DM?

The term ‘Auto DM‘ stands for ‘Automated Direct Message‘. It’s a feature that enables Twitter users to send automated direct messages (DMs) to their followers. This can be incredibly useful for businesses, influencers, and any Twitter user looking to save time and streamline their engagement process.

For example, you can set up an auto DM to be sent to new followers saying “Thanks for following me!” or send a promo code to users who engage with a specific tweet.

How to Set Up an Auto DM?

The process of setting up an auto DM varies depending on the tool you’re using. Many third-party tools and bots, such as Twitter mass DM bot, Twitter auto reply direct message, Twitter auto reply bot, and Twitter mass DM tool offer this feature. But for this guide, we’ll focus on setting up an auto DM using Tweet Hunter’s Auto DM feature.

Twitter Auto DM

Writing a Good Auto Twitter Auto DM Message!

Creating a good auto DM message is crucial for engagement. Remember, the goal is to engage your followers and start a conversation, not to spam them with promotional content. Here are a few tips:

  • Personalize the message: Use the recipient’s name if possible.
  • Make it engaging: Ask a question or share useful information.
  • Keep it short: Twitter DMs have a character limit of 10000 characters, but shorter is often better.

The Do Not’s in Your DM Writing

While auto DMs can be a great tool, it’s important to avoid certain practices:

  • Don’t spam: Constantly sending promotional messages can lead to users muting or blocking you.
  • Don’t be impersonal: Avoid generic messages. Make your DMs personalized and interesting.
  • Don’t ignore replies: If a user responds to your DM, make sure to engage back.

Benefits of Using Tweet Hunter for Auto DMs

Here are some of the key benefits of using Tweet Hunter for setting up Twitter auto DMs:

  • Easy to set up – Tweet Hunter makes it simple to create auto DMs within minutes using their intuitive interface. No coding skills needed!
  • Customizable messaging – You can personalize your auto DM messaging and make tweaks at any time based on performance.
  • Targeted automation – Send auto DMs only to relevant users who engage with specific tweets instead of blasting all followers.
  • Detailed analytics – Get insights into your auto DM performance like open rates, click rates, and unsubscribes.
  • Account securityTweet Hunter’s auto DM tool ensures compliance with Twitter’s automation rules to avoid account suspension.
  • Round the clock support – Get access to 24/7 chat and email support in case you face any issues.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step process to set up Twitter auto DMs with Tweet Hunter.

3 Steps to Setup Twitter Auto DM with Tweethunter

Here are some steps to Setup Twitter Auto DM with Tweethunter.

Twitter Auto DM with Tweethunter

Step 1. Create a Tweet

Firstly, you need a tweet that will serve as the trigger for your auto DM. This could be a new tweet or an existing one.

  • Go to Tweet Hunter and click on the “Messages” tab.
  • Click on “New Message” and select “Direct Message“.
  • Enter your tweet text and upload any images/videos if needed.
  • Configure the tweet settings like who can reply, tweet language, etc.
  • Click “Save” once done.

This tweet will now act as the trigger for sending your auto DM.

Step 2. Activate the Advanced Option

Once your tweet is ready, go to Tweet Hunter’s dashboard and find the ‘Advanced Options’. Activate the Twitter auto DM feature from here.

  • Go to your tweet and click “Advanced Options“.
  • Under “Direct Message“, click on “Add Direct Message“.
  • Toggle “Also Send as Direct Message” to the ON position.

Activating this will enable Tweet Hunter to send the tweet text as an automated DM when users engage with your post.

Step 3: Customize Your DM Message

The final step is customizing your DM message.

When you turn on the Twitter auto DM option, it will send your tweet text as the default message.

You can customize this further:

  • Add a personal greeting like “Hi [First Name]!” to make it more conversational.
  • Insert dynamic variables like the user’s handle ([User Handle]) and name ([First Name]) to personalize the DM.
  • Add emojis or GIFs to make your message more visually appealing.
  • Insert links to your website, landing page, or social accounts.
  • Add a call to action like “Check out our sale!” or prompt them to take a specific action.
  • Enable open and click tracking to see auto DM engagement metrics.

Keep testing different DM copy and offers to determine which one gives the highest open and click rates.

[su_note note_color=”#161C22″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Pro Tip: Split test your DM messaging to continuously improve performance. Send 50% of users Variation A and the other 50% Variation B to see which one gets better engagement.[/su_note]

And that’s it! Once you customize and save your DM message, your Twitter auto DMs are ready to be sent.

Now whenever a user engages with your configured tweet, they’ll automatically receive your personalized DM.

Does Twitter Allow Auto DMs?

Yes, Twitter does allow auto DMs as long as you follow their automation rules:

  • Don’t spam users with irrelevant DMs. Only target users who have shown interest.
  • Ensure your auto DMs are personalized and add value for the recipient. Avoid generic blasts.
  • Don’t send more than 3 auto DMs to the same user within 24 hours.
  • Allow users to easily opt out of receiving further messages.
  • Don’t auto DM users who haven’t followed you or don’t engage with your account.

As long as your auto DMs comply with these rules, Twitter will not suspend your account.

Tools like Tweet Hunter ensure your Twitter auto DM campaigns stay within Twitter’s guidelines through limiting daily sends, easy opt-outs, and targeting engaged users.

What Results Can You Achieve with Auto DMs?

The effectiveness of your twitter auto DMs will depend on various factors like:

  • Follower count – Accounts with more followers tend to have lower open rates. Aim for 50-60% open rate if you have < 5k followers.
  • Engagement levels -Twitter Auto DMs get higher opens from highly engaged followers who regularly like, RT, and reply to your tweets.
  • Message relevance – DMs with valuable info related to the tweet see higher open rates versus generic blasts.
  • Offer/call to action – Inserting a strong CTA can increase click rates by 2X to 3X.

According to Tweet Hunter customers, some of the results achieved using auto DMs include:

  • Open rates of 60% to 80% from new followers
  • Click rates of 10% to 25% on discount codes or special offers
  • Conversion rates of 5% to 15% on lead generation offers
  • 15% to 30% increase in website traffic
  • 10% to 20% boost in sales

So if executed correctly, Twitter auto DMs can deliver a strong ROI and help you meet your marketing goals.

FAQs about How to Set up Twitter Auto DM

Here are some common questions about setting up Twitter auto DMs:

Can you send automated DMs on Twitter?

Yes, Twitter allows auto DMs as long as they comply with Twitter’s automation rules and provide value to users. Tools like Tweet Hunter can help set up compliant auto DM campaigns.

How do I turn off auto messaging on Twitter?

Go to your Twitter settings, click “Security and account access”, go to “Apps and sessions” and revoke access for any unauthorized or inactive apps sending auto DMs on your behalf.

Can I DM all my followers on Twitter?

You can but this is not recommended as it could be perceived as spam. Only DM targeted users who have engaged with your tweets for better deliverability.

Is there a way to direct message on Twitter?

Yes, you can either manually send DMs by going to a user’s profile and clicking “Message” or use a tool like Tweet Hunter to set up auto DMs.

Can you DM celebrities on Twitter?

If their DMs are open, you can manually send them a DM but auto DMs to celebrities is not recommended and could result in your account being suspended.

Can celebrities see your DMs if you’re private?

No, if your account is private and a celebrity hasn’t accepted your follow request, they won’t be able to view or respond to your DMs.


Setting up a Twitter Auto DM can be a big boost to your Twitter engagement and follower growth. Just remember to use it responsibly and in compliance with Twitter’s automation rules. For more tips on Twitter growth and automation, check out the articles on Best Twitter Growth Tools, Twitter Automation Tools, and AI Tweet Generation Tools on my website.

Some key takeaways:

  • Auto DMs allow you to add a personal touch at scale on Twitter.
  • Ensure your messaging complies with Twitter’s rules to avoid suspension.
  • Customize your DMs with dynamic variables, CTAs, and offers.
  • Aim for over 50% open rates and 10%+ click rates for optimal results.
  • Continuously test and improve your DM copy using split testing.

So start sending automated yet personalized DMs with Tweet Hunter today to boost Twitter engagement and get more out of your audience!

Happy tweeting!

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