How Many Twitter Followers to Get Verified: An Ultimate Guide

Getting that coveted blue verified badge on Twitter has become an aspiration for many users on the platform. The blue checkmark signifies that an account is authentic, credible, and influential. As Twitter continues to grow, verification has become more important to stand out from the crowd.

With the proliferation of bots, trolls, and fake accounts on social media, Twitter decided to relaunch its verification program in 2021. Previously, verifying accounts was perceived as an endorsement. Now, it is viewed as a way to increase trust and security on the platform.

So how do you get that verification badge on your Twitter handle? This ultimate guide takes you through everything you need to know about getting verified on Twitter.

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Understanding Twitter Verification

Before we get into the steps for getting verified on Twitter, let’s understand what Twitter verification is all about.

What Is Twitter Verification?

Twitter verification is an account authentication process that adds a blue checkmark badge next to your Twitter handle. It indicates that your account is genuine and represents the real identity of a person, brand, business, or organization.

According to Twitter, the blue verified badge lets people know that “an account of public interest is authentic.”

Why Get Verified On Twitter As A Brand?

  • Authenticity: It assures your followers that your brand’s Twitter account is legitimate and not an impersonation.
  • Trust: The blue checkmark builds authority and trust between you and your audience.
  • Reach: Verified accounts have priority when it comes to visibility and impressions. Your tweets are more likely to be seen.
  • Security: It adds a layer of security and protects against hackers or those attempting to spread false information using your brand name.
How Many Twitter Followers to Get Verified: An Ultimate Guide 1

Importance of an Authentic Twitter Account

With Twitter becoming an essential channel for brands to engage with customers, establish thought leadership, and drive leads, having an authentic presence is crucial.

Benefits of Getting Verified on Twitter:

  • Increased followers and engagement
  • Establish authority and trust
  • Prevent impersonation attempts
  • Higher visibility and reach
  • Gain influence as a key opinion leader
  • Promote your expertise

Brands that get verified on Twitter send a signal that they are legitimate, reputable organizations that customers can trust.

Who Gets Verified on Twitter?

Twitter has some eligibility criteria when it comes to granting verification to accounts.

You Need to Have a Notable Twitter Account

To get verified, your account needs to be authentic, notable, and active.

Twitter focuses on verifying accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, and other key interest areas.

Verification is currently available for six categories:

Who Can And Can’t Get Verified On Twitter?

Twitter verification is not limited to celebrities or public figures; various categories of accounts can seek verification.


This includes government organizations, officials, and agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. For example, The White House, Prime Minister’s Office, Mayor’s Office.

Companies, Brands, and Organizations

Businesses, non-profits, various organizations, and public figures like CEOs and founders are eligible for verification in this category.

News Organizations and Journalists

Well known journalists, reporters, editors, news outlets, publications, and broadcasters can apply for the blue checkmark.


Individuals in music, movies, television, comedy, and other entertainment fields are likely to get verified.

Gaming and Sports

Eligibility extends to professional gamers, athletes, sports teams, leagues, coaches, and sports news outlets.

Organizers, Activists, or Influencers

This covers activists, organizers, social media influencers, bloggers, and leaders who maintain a highly visible Twitter presence.

Do You Qualify for Twitter Verification?

Wondering if your Twitter account is eligible to get that blue checkmark? Here are some key criteria:

How many followers do you need to be verified on Twitter?

Twitter does not disclose a minimum follower count required to qualify for verification. The focus is more on your account activity, identity, and public recognition.

Of course, having a larger following demonstrates your influence and visibility. But even accounts with just a few thousand engaged followers can have a shot at verification by meeting the other criteria.

Should I try to get verified?

  • Are you a public figure, brand, business, journalist, or social media influencer trying to establish authenticity?
  • Do you want to be distinguished from impersonators misusing your identity?
  • Will verification help cement trust and authority with your audience?

If yes, you should absolutely try getting that blue checkmark to protect your reputation.

Is it possible for a regular person to become verified on Twitter?

Absolutely. Ordinary folks who have built a recognized brand or amassed a sizable following can also get verified on Twitter.

But your account needs to have sufficient public impact and interest to stand out from the crowd. Twitter aims to verify accounts that are highly visible, influential and contribute to public discourse.

If you don’t qualify yet, keep building your audience and focus on creating great content.

Preparing Your Twitter Account for Verification

Before you request verification, ensure your Twitter account is optimized to boost your chances of success.

Having an Active Twitter Account

An active presence on Twitter is key to qualification. Signs of activity include:

  • Recent and regular logins and tweets
  • Public tweets and visibility
  • Profile with real name and photo
  • Confirmed email address or phone number
  • Association with social networks or official website

An active Twitter account is one that has a profile name and image, recent logins, and is associated with a confirmed email address or phone number. You can improve your account’s activity by using various Twitter growth tools and automation tools.

How To Get Verified On Twitter: The Basics

Here are the basics to set up your Twitter account for verification:

Profile Picture

Upload a real photo of yourself or company logo. Avoid using stock images, cartoons or fake personas.


Write a short, compelling bio highlighting who you are and what you do. Include links to your website, company or publications.

Confirmed Contact Details

Add a confirmed email address or phone number to your Twitter account. This validates your identity.

Be Public

Your tweets must be public. Protecting your tweets or going private makes verification unlikely.

Getting Verified on Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to submit your verification request? Follow these steps:

How To Get Verified On Twitter: The Steps

  1. Check Eligibility: Before proceeding with the verification process, review Twitter’s guidelines to confirm that your account meets the eligibility criteria.
  2. Request Verification: Go to your account settings and look for the “Verification” option. Click on it to begin the verification process.
  3. Select the Appropriate Category: Twitter has six categories for verification, as mentioned earlier. Choose the one that best fits your account type.
  4. Provide Proof of Identity: Twitter may require documentation or links to demonstrate your association with the chosen category. This can include a link to your website, a snapshot of a government-issued ID, or an official email address with an appropriate domain.
  5. Submit Your Request: After providing the necessary information, submit your verification request to Twitter.

Twitter will review your request and inform you once a decision is made. The whole process usually takes a few weeks.

The Twitter Verification Process

Here is an overview of what happens during Twitter verification:

  • You submit a request by providing info that shows your identity.
  • Twitter reviews your account activity, followers, bio, tweets, recognition and impact.
  • They cross-check details like your website, publications, company, organization etc.
  • A decision is made based on how well you meet the verification criteria.
  • If approved, a blue badge appears on your profile. If not, you can reapply later.

Optimizing Your Chances for Twitter Verification

Wondering how to improve your odds of getting that coveted blue checkmark? Here are some useful tactics:

Best Tips to Get Verified On Twitter

Here are some proven tips to Get Verified on Twitter.

Complete And Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Complete and optimize your Twitter profile using AI tweet generation tools. Fill out your bio, location, website, birthday, pinned tweet, and other profile info. The more complete your profile, the better.

Build Credibility On Twitter

Publish great content consistently, engage your followers, use trending hashtags, and build relationships with influential accounts in your industry.

Ensure Your Account Is Active

Stay active by tweeting regularly, posting updates, joining discussions, and responding to mentions. Inactivity can get your verification request rejected.

Confirm Your Email Address And Number

Add a working email address or phone number and confirm it via the confirmation link Twitter sends. This validates your identity.

Follow Twitter Rules

Avoid violating Twitter policies around spam, bots, privacy, harassment, intellectual property etc. Such activity can make verification impossible.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Use relevant hashtags in your tweets to extend your reach and get discovered by more users. But avoid using too many hashtags.

Create A Schedule For Your Twitter Content

Schedule tweets at optimal times when your audience is most active. Use tools like Buffer to schedule content and stay consistent.

Focus On Consistency

Post regularly instead of going days without tweets. Twitter wants to see continuous account activity to verify users.

After Verification

Getting that blue verification badge is an amazing achievement. But the work doesn’t stop there. Here are some tips to maintain it:

How Do You Maintain Twitter Verified Status?

  • Continue posting content regularly and engaging your followers
  • Avoid violating Twitter rules or terms of service
  • If your account is inactive for months, the blue checkmark can disappear
  • Always disclose paid partnerships transparently
  • Credit all content to the original creator and avoid plagiarism

If your account activities change significantly, Twitter may remove the verification badge. The blue check is not permanent if you stop meeting the criteria.

What if I’m Rejected?

Don’t lose heart if your verification request gets rejected. Here’s what to do next:

If Rejected, Can I Reapply For Twitter Verification?

Yes, absolutely. If your application is rejected, you can reapply after 30 days. Twitter allows multiple verification requests.

How many times can we try to get our account verified?

There is no limit to the number of times you can request verification. Some accounts get verified on the 6th or 7th attempt. So keep trying periodically.

Continue building your audience, improving your content, and boosting your public recognition. This will strengthen your case for getting verified.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Many Twitter Followers to Get Verified

Let’s look at some common questions around Twitter verification and How Many Twitter Followers to Get Verified:

Do you have to pay to get a Twitter account verified?

No, Twitter does not charge or accept payment for verification. The blue checkmark is free. Beware of websites or people claiming they can get you verified for a fee.

Can you get verified on Twitter with 1000 followers?

There is no defined minimum followers required for verification. Some accounts have gotten verified with just 1000 followers or less. Focus on building credibility and meet other eligibility criteria.

Can a normal person get verified on Twitter?

Yes, ordinary people who have managed to build influence, establish expertise or gain public interest can get verified. But verification is not commonplace. Your account needs to stand out significantly.

What is the cost of Twitter Blue tick?

Nothing. Twitter does not charge for account verification. The blue badge is totally free for eligible accounts meeting the verification criteria.

Is it hard to get Twitter verified?

Yes, getting that blue checkmark is challenging. Twitter receives a high volume of requests but has a rigorous evaluation process. Ensure you meet all guidelines and eligibility factors to improve your chances.

Do celebrities pay for blue tick on Twitter?

No, getting verified is free for anyone – celebrities and public figures included. Accounts just need to prove their authenticity and notability.

Final Thoughts

Getting verified on Twitter is a sign of influence and trustworthiness. The blue checkmark establishes your authenticity, improves credibility with followers, boosts visibility, and prevents impersonation.

While anyone can request verification, approval depends on meeting Twitter’s criteria around identity, activity, reputation and public interest.

Optimize your Twitter presence by being active consistently, building your audience, and providing details to confirm your identity.

There is no set minimum followers required for verification. Twitter focuses more on the quality of your account.

Getting verified may take patience and persistence, but the rewards are worth it. The blue badge can take your Twitter game to the next level as an influencer, thought leader or brand. Don’t Forget to Drop A Follow @FassihFayyaz

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