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12 Free Google Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Google Duplicate Content Checker Tools For Free

Google Duplicate content checker checks duplicate content from your articles. Duplicate content is the worst enemy of every content writer. For duplicate content, Google can remove your blog from search engines. Also, it can affect the ranking of your targeted keywords.

People have shaved some duplicate content myths by themselves. If you are curious about the duplicate content on your site then these tools will definitely help you out.

Duplicate content is also called as Plagiarized Content. Google and other search engines hate duplicate content. That’s why I regularly use these awesome tools to check my site for duplicate content.

If you don’t want to get penalized by Google for duplicate content then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have shared some awesome tools that will help you in checking plagiarism content from your articles.

12 Free Google Duplicate Content Checker Tools

With the help of these tools, you can check uniqueness of text in your site. These are the best duplicate content checker tools listed below:

1. Copyscape

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


Copyscape is one of my favorite, reliable and most accurate Google duplicate content checker tool. It is one of the oldest and most popular plagiarism checkers. it provides you the ability to search published and unpublished articles against duplicate content.

It provides you the free service that lets you easily search for plagiarism online. Go to the website and simply type in the URL of your original content or website. Its free service allows some searches per user daily.

If you have a website with the large volume of content then you can also sign up for its professional services for advances needs. Also in premium, it offers API service to integrate into your CMS. So that, you can check your articles on your blogging platform.


2. Siteliner:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


Siteliner is also a really famous and accurate tool for checking duplicate content. Siteliner is free that lets you explore your website. it also reveals key issues that are affecting your site in a bad manner.

Siteliner can also check broken links, page power and it gives you the complete report after analyzing your website.

The free service of this tool lets you analyze up to 250 pages but if you have a larger website than you can go for its premium service.


3. Grammarly

Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Grammarly is a premium tool that provides best free plagiarism checker and proofreader. Grammarly also assures you by checking everything you type. Grammarly automatically checks everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Grammarly also has a free extension that will help you in solving your English grammar mistakes. Grammarly Plagiarism checker checks your content over 8 billion web pages and identifies the duplicate content.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker is now Only Available in the premium version.


Internal Duplicate Content Checker Tools:


4. Duplichecker

Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Duplichecker is another free tool where you can check unpublished articles for free. You can either paste the article or upload the .txt file and it will tell you the content is copied or not.

Duplichecker compares your article against every published article on the web, and nothing can escape from duplichecker. It is a free Google duplicate content checker which provides you with 100% accuracy.

5. Plagiarisma

Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Plagiarisma is, even more, better as it has three options that allow you to check for any plagiarized content. You can check the whole text, upload an HTML or doc file and can also search by URL.

More than 190 languages are supported by Plagiarisma and the accuracy of the result is 100% sure.


6. Plagium

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


This tool has many advanced features and can be used as an alternative to Copyscape as well. The best thing about this tool is that you can check articles having maximum 25,000 characters. It also sends you the email if your article is copied by someone.

It also has a premium offer which offers Quick Search for searching plagiarism for $0.04 per page, Deep Search for very in-depth plagiarism check for $0.08 per page.


7. Plagiarism Checker:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


Here is another free duplicate content checking tool which provides free plagiarism detection service. You can paste your content into the search box or can check the complete webpage by putting the URL. Its site was established in 2006.


8. WorldEssays

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


If you want to check your articles for free, here is a great alternative to scanning your article –Best Duplicate Content Checker by You can check 100 text posts per month with this tool by signing up, But in case if you don’t have any account still you can check your website 5 times a month.

9. ThePensters:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


ThePentesters is another amazing and free plagiarism detector. You can use this great tool you can check duplicate content for your assignment or even for blog posts. This tool supports 2 languages: English and Spanish and you can search for maximum 1000 words in the search box for any duplicate and plagiarized content.

If you are not a registered user of this tool then you can use this tool for maximum 5 times a month. So, you will have to sign up on its site so that you can use this tool for unlimited times. With Bloggers, this tool is also very effective for students.


10. Plagspotter:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


Plagspotter is another online Google duplicate content checker tool which you can use by entering the web page URL to find it is unique or not.

Plagspotter also has Batch Search feature with which you can check your whole website for plagiarised content. It also allows you to monitor your selected URLs for duplicate content. This tool will also notify you of detected plagiarism by scanning your content on a daily or weekly basis.


11. DMCA:


Duplicate Content Checker Tools


You can protect your website content by DMCA and it also provides a tool to check for any duplicate content. It also provides a website scanner and website detective.

DMCA is the best way to protect your website content. It provides a duplicate content checker tool. It also provides website detective and website scanner tools.

DMCA has two plans:

Basic Protection which is free and designed for small websites and website owners who want a solution that efficiently prevents content piracy Protection.

Pro Protection for $10 per month, designed for professional websites and businesses that require the best protection to guard their assets.


12. Webconfs:

Duplicate Content Checker Tools


This tool is a bit different than the others. This tool compares two pages and checks the percentage of similarity between two pages. You only need to enter URLs of two pages and it will do the rest.

Well, I’ve shared almost all the famous and amazing tools that I have used and using. Hopefully, you guys will get benefit from these tools.

So, don’t forget to share them and let me know which tool you liked the most and why by leaving a quick comment below!

Fassih Fayyaz

Fassih Fayyaz is a student and part-time affiliate and digital marketer. He is doing online marketing by Creating Several Websites And Youtube Channel on the internet and he loves blogging.

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