10 Fill In The Blank Tweet Templates to Get More Engagement

Are you looking to increase your engagement on Twitter but not sure how to craft compelling tweets? With over 300 million active users, Twitter remains one of the top social networks today. But breaking through the noise and getting your tweets seen is increasingly difficult.

Don’t worry! In this article, we introduce 10 fill in the blank tweet templates that are sure to grab attention, inspire readers, and boost your Twitter engagement.

These templates are designed to add structure to your tweets and make it easier for you to communicate your ideas effectively. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these engagement-boosting tweet templates!

1. The Steps

Sharing a list of steps or tips on a specific subject is a great way to provide value to your followers. You can use this template to share a process, a method, or even a personal routine.

Tweet Example:

I wish someone had told me these simple steps will 10X your success:

1. Write down your goals
2. Break them down into small tasks
3. Prioritise each task daily
4. Weekly revisit your goals
5. Refine them
6. Focus on learning
7. ?

This step-by-step tweet from Harsh Makadia offers a template for achieving “10x success”, walking readers through a simple but effective process.

The numbered list format makes the advice easy to follow and share.

You can use this format to share strategic frameworks, productivity tips or step-by-step tutorials tailored to your industry or niche.

2. What People Think

Contrasting what people think vs the reality is a powerful way to debunk myths and set the record straight. It’s also a great way to start a conversation with your followers.

Tweet Example:

What people think copywriting is:

– Writing

What copywriting actually is:

– Researching
– Asking questions
– Understanding
– Checking swipe files
– Coming up with angles
– Structuring the copy
– Writing

Writing is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this example from Chase Dimond, he contrasts the assumption that copywriting just involves writing with the reality that it requires extensive research, planning and strategy.

The “what people think…what actually is” format grabs attention by challenging expectations. You can tailor it to address assumptions or misconceptions about your industry, products or services.

3. Everything Changed When

Sharing your personal journey or transformation can help you connect with your followers on a deeper level. People love to see progress and growth, and this template allows you to share yours.

Tweet Example:

My first 9 months writing online:

• Weekly blog posts
• No feedback loops
• 100 views (max) per post
• A complete waste of time

Everything changed when I started writing & publishing something every day.

This example from Dickie Bush tells the story of his early struggles with blogging, building up intrigue with the “everything changed when…” headline.

You can use this format to tell your own transformation story, whether it’s related to your business, career, health or lifestyle. The headline builds anticipation for the big change moment.

4. Start Over

In this template, you share what you would do differently if you had to start over. This is a great way to share lessons learned and provide advice to people who are just starting out.

Tweet Example:

If I had to start my solopreneur journey over, here’s what I’d do:

– Pick a skill I know cold
– Talk about it daily online
– Offer to help 3 companies free
– Track meaningful improvements
– Get a few testimonials for my website
– Ask for intros to other companies & charge $$$

Justin Welsh shares the key steps he’d take if starting over as a solopreneur, offering guidance for new entrepreneurs.

Sharing your own lessons learned can build authority and trust with your followers. The “if I had to start over…” headline frames your advice as coming from experience.

5. Stop Doing This

This template allows you to give your followers advice on what they should stop doing. It’s a great template to share your insights and help your followers avoid common mistakes.

Tweet Example:

Stop wasting hours choosing platforms to use.

Design: @canva
CRM: @HubSpot
Meetings: @Zoom
Website: @webflow
Automation: @zapier
Marketing: @Mailchimp
Project Management: @trello
Customer Support: @intercom
Team Communication: @SlackHQ

Start building.

This example from Easlo grabs attention with the “stop doing this” headline, offering a provocative take on time-wasting platform comparisons.

Calling out common mistakes or assumptions in your industry is a great way to use this template. Just make sure to offer an alternative solution too!

6. Stop Wasting Hours

This is a variation of the “Stop Doing This” template. It focuses on helping your followers save time by recommending efficient ways of doing things or tools that can help streamline their work.

Tweet Example:

Stop wasting hours choosing platforms to use.

Design: @canva
CRM: @HubSpot
Meetings: @Zoom
Website: @webflow
Automation: @zapier
Marketing: @Mailchimp
Project Management: @trello
Customer Support: @intercom
Team Communication: @SlackHQ

Start building.

This example from Easlo grabs attention with the “stop doing this” headline, offering a provocative take on time-wasting platform comparisons.

Calling out common mistakes or assumptions in your industry is a great way to use this template. Just make sure to offer an alternative solution too!

7. 3-2-1 Success

Thistemplate is perfect for sharing a simple, easy-to-remember strategy or process. The technique is to arrange your points in a descending order of importance.

Tweet Example:

3-2-1 success:

3 tweets a day
2 threads a week
1 year of patience

You got this.

Here Kieran Drew offers a simple but effective “3-2-1” framework for growing your influence and audience on Twitter over time.

You can tailor this template to share any strategic advice or tips and tricks related to your industry or niche. The numbered format makes the takeaways easy to remember and repeat.

8. Before vs Now

Comparing your past self to your present self is a great way to showcase personal growth and inspire others. It can also serve as a testament to the effectiveness of a product, strategy, or lifestyle change.

Tweet Example:

Me at 25:

– Working @ agency
– 1h daily commute
– 1,000€/mo only on rent
– Being based in a big city for work

Me at 27:
– Creator & Freelance
– Working from home
– Spending 75% less
– Living on a Mediterranean island because why not?

A lot can happen in just one year.

Alex Llull shares his dramatic career and lifestyle change in just one year. This format allows you to highlight your own transformations to inspire your audience.

9. ❤️ vs ?

This template is all about comparisons. Use this to compare two different strategies, approaches, or perspectives. It’s a great way to spark debate and engagement.

Tweet Example:

❤️: “Here’s a compilation of Twitter’s best threads this month.”

?: “Here’s a compilation of my best threads this month.”

JK Molina uses emojis to cleverly distinguish between passion sharing vs self-promotion.

This works for any opposing concepts you want to call attention to and spark discussion around.

10. Ways to Keep Doing It

This template is perfect for sharing tips or strategies. You can use it to share productivity tips, ways to stay motivated, or strategies for continuous learning.

Tweet Example:

Ways to keep learning:

?Take an online class.
?Surround yourself with learners.
?Listen to a new podcast each week.
?Be around people different than you.

Never stop learning.

Here Ian Powell offers motivation to keep learning using the “ways to keep…” template.

You can easily tailor this to share words of wisdom and motivation related to your niche or industry. The headline builds anticipation for practical, bitesized advice in list format.

Using Typeshare for Tweet Templates

typeshare templates

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with your Twitter content, Typeshare is worth a look. It’s a tool that provides fill-in-the-blank tweet templates, similar to the ones we discussed above. Typeshare can help you save time, boost your Twitter engagement, and make your tweets more impactful.

Typeshare offers a library of highly engaging tweet templates created by expert copywriters. Simply plug in your own words and instantly level up your tweet game.

The Format is as Important as the Content

As you can see from these examples, the format, structure and visual design of your tweets is just as crucial as the underlying message.

Leveraging these fill-in-the-blank templates allows you to grab attention while conveying your core ideas and stories.

Focus on whitespace, readability and scannability. Draw the reader’s eye to the most important elements using lists, contrast and provocative headlines.

This will naturally boost your engagement rates and reach on Twitter.

Moving Forward

With these 10 fill-in-the-blank tweet templates, you’re now equipped to create engaging and impactful tweets. Whether you’re sharing valuable insights, personal experiences, or debunking myths, these tweet templates can help you structure your tweets for maximum engagement.

To take your Twitter game even further, make sure to also check out these related resources:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about 10 Fill In The Blank Tweet Templates.

How do I get a Twitter template?

You can get a Twitter template from tools like Typeshare, which provides fill-in-the-blank tweet templates. You can also create your own templates based on the format of tweets that have performed well.

Does Hootsuite have templates?

Yes, Hootsuite does provide templates. However, these are more focused on social media strategy, planning, and reporting rather than individual tweet templates.

What is a Twitter template?

A Twitter template is a preformatted guide used to structure your tweets. It can include placeholders for text, links, hashtags, and even emojis.

How do I edit a Tweet template?

You can edit a tweet template by replacing the placeholders with your own text, links, hashtags, etc. Make sure to keep your edits within Twitter’s character limit.

What is a Twitter post called?

The content you post on Twitter can be called a tweet, twitter update, or post. The 280 character blocks of text, images and videos you publish to your Twitter feed are all referred to as tweets.


Crafting engaging tweets is both an art and a science. While the content of the tweet is crucial, the way it’s structured can significantly impact its engagement. By using these 10 fill-in-the-blank tweet templates, you can elevate your Twitter game, engage your audience, and boost your Twitter performance.

Keep experimenting with different templates and formats, and remember, the key to Twitter success is consistency and providing value to your audience.

What’s your favorite go-to template for leveling up your Twitter game? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Happy tweeting!

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