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3 Best Laptops for Contractors in 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a laptop for contractors? 

You have landed on the right page. As we have short-listed some best laptops keeping in mind the hard and fast rules of contractor’s workspace and needs. 

It’s not that simple as it appears. Contractors need a versatile laptop that is perfect in mobility, performance and above all durability. Infact , many of the laptops available in the market fail to satisfy the durability needs of contractors. 

These durability needs are satisfied by some rugged laptops however they are out of the budget for most contractors. 

But you don’t have to worry. Since, our Laptop Expert Team has presented some best rugged laptops for contractors in affordable budget. 

Buyer’s Guide For Best Laptops For Contractors

Before listing the laptops, here is a quick look at the specifications every contractor’s laptop must have. Don’t avoid them to have the best productivity experience. 

  •  Durability:- 

The first and foremost requirement for contractors is the laptop’s durability. Your laptop must be durable enough to withstand drops, knocks, water and extreme temperature conditions. In short, your laptop must be damage resistant. 

Check the laptop’s build quality. Best rugged laptops are built with robust cases subjected to some hardcore testing. 

  • Portability:- 

Go for an ultra-portable laptop. The portability features include weight, size, design as well as available ports on your laptop.  

You’ll have to carry your laptop everywhere. So, don’t forget to check the portability features of the laptop. 

  • Battery Life:- 

To survive in the digital market trends, your laptop must have a long-lasting battery life. Otherwise, you may face many coordination issues that may risk your career as well. 

Therefore, make sure to pick a laptop which proves to be promising battery life of at least 8 hours. 

  • Performance:- 

 To avoid time-delay problems while working on important contracts, your laptop must be powerful enough to withstand multi-tasking. A good contractor will never compromise on laptop’s performance. 

As you will have to contact the personnel,  managing vendors and trades, collecting information or tackling with coordination. You need a superfast laptop with satisfactory performance. 

  •  Connectivity:- 

One of the major tasks of contactors is coordination. Make sure your laptop has essential connectivity features like wireless capability and Bluetooth, Dual-band, 802.11n Wi-Fi Adapter along with Bluetooth speakers and headers. 

Connectivity also depends on ports. Look for at least two USB 3.0 ports, full-sized HDMI and Ethernet jack. Don’t forget to check the webcam resolution minimum being 1280×720. 

  • Storage Space:- 

A contractors always needs to have important files at one click. That’s right, you’ll have to organize your files and important documents in an efficient manner. 

Of course, you will need a laptop with large storage space to do this. Select a laptop with minimum of 128GB. Consider additional storage option as well. 

  • Screen Resolution:- 

Choose a laptop with Full HD screen with minimum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Such screen will enable you to focus even on minor details. Moreover, it would be promising for multitasking and video conference. 

3 Best Laptops for Contractors in 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

1Acer Chromebook 15Intel Celeron N3350.4GB RAM. Check Price
2Dell XPS 15Intel Core i7-8750H.8GB RAM DDR4. Check Price
3Google Pixel BookIntel Core i5-8032.8GB RAM Check Price

Without further delay, Let’s move on to the list of Best Laptops our Laptop Expert Team has selected for you. Choose the best for yourself. 

1. Acer Chromebook 15: 

The topper of our list is Chromebook 15 from the house of Acer. Believe it or not, Acer Chromebook 15 comes only in $399 (£249)Don’t worry, Acer has not compromised on the performance quality in Chromebook 15 as well. Let’s have a detailed look at its features that make it most suitable for contractors. 

Acer claims Chromebook 15 to have a battery life of 16+ hours. Yes, you read it right. This stunning battery will make Chromebook 15 yours best companion in crucial working hours. 

While working on important Contracting tasks, you may have to stare at your laptop screen for long hours. That’s when you’ll thank bright screen 15.6 inches IPS display of Acer Chromebook 15. The screen size will also help you in coordination tasks. 

Other suitable specifications of this laptop are listed below

All in all, Acer Chromebook 15 meets the requirements of contractors in every way possible. Be it performance, connectivity or entertainment Acer Chromebook 15 beats its competitors without burning a hole in your pocket.

Acer Chromebook Review By CNET

Hardware Specifications Recap of Acer Chromebook 15

CPU2.4 GHz Intel Celeron
RAM4GB RAM Memory.
Graphics CardIntel
Display Size15.6-Inch HD (1920 x 1080) Display.
Weight4.41 pounds
Storage32 GB Flash Memory Solid State.
Operating SystemChrome OS.
  • Excellent 1080p display.
  • Great performance.
  • All-day battery life.
  • Not significantly less expensive than Windows notebooks.
  • Sudden crashes.

2. Dell XPS 15:- 

The next laptop in our list comes from Dell. Dell XPS 15 with its unbelievably multitasking features in an affordable price range is just perfect for contractors. 

When it comes to portability, Dell XPS 13 beats many of its competitors. The light-weight body (4.5 lbs.) and stunning 12 hours of battery life makes it promising for long working hours. 

DELL ships XPS 15 with 8 GB RAM, 2.2 GHz of Intel Core i7-8750 H processor and 512 GB of SSD storage. Windows 10 home Operating System makes it more suitable for the field of contractors. 

You will get 15.6 inches widescreen display with minimal bezzels to focus on the minute details. The 1920×1080 panel is highly recommended for flaw-less work on important contracting projects. 

That’s not all. DELL XPS 15 comes with 4×3.1 inches touchpad for extra comfortable while dealing with tedious work. 

To conclude, we can say that DELL XPS 15 just fits the needs of contractors in a surprising manner. You can expect high performance, reliability as well as connectivity, all in a budget-friendly price. 

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Dell XPS 15 Review By Dave Lee

Hardware Specifications Recap of Dell XPS 15

CPUIntel Core i7 8750
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
Display Size15.6-Inch HD (1920 x 1080) Display.
Weight4 pounds.
Storage256GB SSD
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home.
  • 1080p and 4K display options.
  • Doubles as a capable gaming PC.
  • Good value despite high pricing.
  • Can get pricey with Core i9 and 2TB SSD

3. Google Pixel Book: 

If you are looking for high end performance without worrying about price, Google Pixel book is for you. It may cost a little bit more, but it is extremely promising due to its above average specifications. Compared to other Google products, Pixel book’s  price is rather reasonable. 

Google Pixel book is a clean and simple laptop. It comes with four configuration options to meet your needs in best possible manner. You can select between a variety of options all in a single laptop. 

The best thing about all google products is the syncing feature. You won’t have to worry about losing important documents anymore. Therefore, buying this laptop is highly recommended. 

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Google PixelBook Review By Marques Brownlee

Hardware Specifications Recap of Google Pixel Book

CPUIntel i5 8032.
RAM8GB RAM Memory.
Graphics CardHD615
Display Size12.3 inches (2400 x 1600) Display.
Weight2.45 pounds.
Storage128GB SSD
Operating SystemChrome OS.
  • Excellent hardware design and display.
  • Comfortable and quiet keyboard.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Thin and light.
  • Full offline capabilities with Android apps.
  • The dedicated Google Assistant button is useful.
  • Only two USB-C ports.
  • Poor audio performance.
  • Android apps need to be updated for screen and pen.
  • Pixelbook Pen feels very laggy compared to the competition.
  • Lacks biometric login.


There are maybe hundreds of laptops available in the market for Contractors in 2020. However, you should choose the best based on your demands and budgets. The laptops provided in this article are appreciated and rated highly by the customers. So, this list might help you choose the best laptop for you. Which one is the best laptop for Contractors? You also may share your thoughts and experience below. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

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