Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips

Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective online advertising platforms used by businesses worldwide. It allows companies to create targeted ads that appear on Google search results, display networks, YouTube videos and other Google-owned properties. Many marketers and agencies are active on Twitter talking about their experiences, strategies, issues and insights related to running Google Ads campaigns. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best and most informative tweets covering various aspects of Google Ads.

Twitter is a hotspot for digital marketing discussions with marketers and agencies sharing their thoughts in short tweetable posts. Following relevant people on Twitter can give you a constant stream of news, tips, strategies, case studies and updates related to platforms like Google Ads.

We have curated a list of some of the most popular, helpful and insightful tweets about Google Ads posted in 2022 and early 2023. The tweets provide advice on topics like optimization, campaign structure, bidding strategies, landing pages, ad copy, targeting, analytics, emerging trends and more.

Whether you’re just starting out with Google Ads or are a seasoned PPC veteran, going through these tweets can give you valuable perspectives from industry experts. The bite-sized nuggets of information can spark ideas that can significantly improve your PPC campaigns.

Best Tweets about Google Ads

Here is a list of some Best Tweets about Google Ads.

Tweet #1: Alternatives for Google AdSense

Does anyone have a good alternative to Google Adsense? After 10 years they randomly decided to close my account without warning or reason— Cristina (@CristinaNiche) January 5, 2023

AdSense is Google’s advertising program that allows publishers to show automated ads on their website and earn revenue. Publishers rely heavily on it for monetization. This tweet by Cristina highlights the problem of AdSense account suspensions which are common due to policy violations. She is looking for alternatives to AdSense that can offer similar monetization opportunities. Some recommended options shared in the replies include Ezoic, Mediavine, Monumetric and using affiliate programs.

Tweet #2: Finding Marketing Angles

Don’t think of every marketing angle from scratch.

Instead, find them on:

1. Google Ads Transparency
2. Facebook Ads Library
3. TikTok Ads Library
4. YouTube Ads Library
5. Your reviews
6. Competitor reviews

These are all goldmines.

Dig until you find something valuable. — Jackson Blackledge | The Google Ads Aussie (@blvckledge) January 1, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads

Jackson Blackledge who is known as ‘The Google Ads Aussie’ shares an excellent tip about leveraging platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads Library, YouTube Ads library etc. to find proven marketing angles. These platforms offer transparency into ads running across Google and Facebook. You can get ideas for ad copy, creatives, audiences and landing pages from ads run by competitors in your industry. Your own customer reviews and competitors’ reviews are also great sources to uncover potential marketing messages.

Tweet #3: Google Ads Policy Bias?

I SWEAR I’m not making this up.

I was just in my gym sauna and talking to someone who works for Google Ads. He told me that anything criticizing Ukraine or China gets DECLINED. But anything criticizing Russia, or is pro Ukraine & China gets approved instantly.

That is telling. — Xaviaer DuRousseau (@XAVIAERD) February 9, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 1

This intriguing tweet by Xaviaer claims that Google Ads is biased in its policies and moderation when it comes to ads related to sensitive topics like Ukraine, Russia and China. While it’s hard to verify this, Google does have strict policies against “ads making misleading claims about conflicts, tragedies, death, or other sensitive subjects”. Some replies speculate that Google may be taking extra precautions to block misinformation or controversial opinions on these topics. As an advertiser, tread carefully if your ads mention anything related to sensitive news events or politics.

Tweet #4: Monetizing Blogs

4 Proven Ways To Monetize a Blog in 2023:

– Google AdSense
– Affiliate Marketing
– Sell Digital Products/Services
– Sponsorships

Most bloggers focus only on AdSense. But diversifying income streams is key for long-term success and stability.— Ihtesham Haider (@ihteshamit) January 20, 2023

Ihtesham highlights some effective monetization strategies for blogs beyond just relying on Google AdSense. Affiliate marketing, selling digital products & services like online courses, ebooks etc. and sponsorships can generate significant revenue. Diversifying income streams is important, as over-reliance on AdSense can be risky if your account gets banned. Using a combination of these models can maximize a blog’s earnings.

Tweet #5: Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the unsung hero of any strong Google Ads strategy.

What negatives have you discovered that saved your bacon (and budget)? ?— Ian David (@ExodusCRO) December 8, 2022

Ian David rightly points out the importance of negative keywords in Google Ads campaigns. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing to irrelevant queries that could waste budget. For example, using “software” as a negative keyword can help avoid showing for competitive or unrelated software terms if you are selling SaaS. Negative keywords take some work to identify but are crucial for maximizing ROI.

Tweet #6: Hiring Marketing Agencies

controversial opinion – if you’re an ecomm company, don’t hire any paid marketing agency until you hit at least $1 million in sales

you’ll make a lot of mistakes, but you’ll be better in the long run if you understand FB Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, etc.— Andrew Case (@andrewbcase) January 19, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 2

Andrew Case expresses a controversial opinion that ecommerce businesses should avoid hiring marketing agencies until they are making at least $1 million in revenue. His point is that making mistakes early on and learning platforms like Facebook/Google Ads, email marketing yourself will give you more knowledge in the long run compared to outsourcing it. While debatable, he argues that the skills you gain are worth more than short-term ROI gains from an agency.

Tweet #7: Swipe Files for Ideas

5 websites that offer Swipe files to generate ideas.

1. OptinMonster – 70 Email templates

2. Jacob Mcmillen – Headlines for FB ads

3. Wordstream – 50 Succesful Google ads

4. Freelance writing – How to write Benefits

5. Creatorboostxyz – 50+ Tweets and Hooks template. — Tanmay Singh Chauhan?️ (@TanmayS_Chauhan) February 14, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 3

Tanmay shares useful resources to get proven ad copy formulas and templates for Google Ads, Facebook ads, emails, tweets etc. Swipe files help you take inspiration from messages that have worked for others instead of writing everything from scratch. For Google Ads, WordStream’s swipe file offers a collection of high-performing ad examples across many industries.

Tweet #8: Free Google Certifications

Google is offering FREE Certification Courses in 2023.

→ AI
→ Python
→ Automation
→ Google Ads
→ Machine Learning

You don’t want to miss this…?— Sharyph (@sharyph_) February 18, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 4

Sharyph highlights Google’s offer of free certification courses in popular skills like AI, Python, Automation, Google Ads and more. Getting certified by Google can add valuable credentials to your resume and improve your expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns. The Google Ads certification covers campaign creation, bidding, targeting, optimization and reporting.

Tweet #9: Google Ads Campaign Results

Results from Google Ads pt 3

? Spent: 232 €
?️ Clicks: 382
? Conversions: 20
? Revenue: 1140€— Robin ? (@robin_nomicly) April 21, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 5

Robin shares quick results from one of his Google Ads campaigns with spend, clicks, conversions and revenue data. It’s useful to see real-world metrics of campaigns from other advertisers in your industry for benchmarking. A conversion rate of 5% and healthy ROAS (return on ad spend) of 4.9x demonstrate a profitable Google Ads account.

Tweet #10: Learning In-Demand Skills

If you want to change your life, dedicate a few months to learning a high-income skill.

– Email marketing
– Content creation
– Web design
– Google ads

Start today.— Laurens T | All-in-one Websites (@laurens_online) February 4, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 6

Laurens lists some valuable skills like Google Ads, SEO, CRO, and more that can unlock higher income potential. Investing time in learning high ROI digital marketing skills like Google Ads can significantly boost your career or business prospects. With solid fundamental knowledge, running Google Ads campaigns can become a very lucrative service to offer clients.

Tweet #11: Relevant College Courses

If college taught:

– Sales
– Copywriting
– Persuasion
– Web design
– Cold outreach
– Email Marketing
– Facebook/Google ads

I would have kept going.— Laurens T | All-in-one Websites (@laurens_online) February 11, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 7

In another tweet, Laurens expresses how college education could be more effective if it focused on teaching applied skills like Google/Facebook ads, SEO, copywriting, web design etc. Many consider these skills more valuable in professional life compared to traditional academic courses. The demand for digital marketing talent is growing rapidly.

Tweet #12: Google Ads Targeting Hack

Google Ads hack:

Target a competitor’s audience with a custom audience using their site URL in a cold campaign.

Works extremely well in lead gen when you know a competitor is crushing it but don’t know who their customers are.— Jackson Blackledge | The Google Ads Aussie (@blvckledge) January 27, 2023

Jackson shares a smart Google Ads targeting tactic to go after a competitor’s audience. You can create a custom audience using a competitor’s website URL. Then target this audience cold to remarket to the competitor’s existing customers and leads. This hack works great when you know a rival is successful but lack insights into their customer profiles.

Tweet #13: Must-Have eCommerce Marketing Skills

Want to grow in Ecom?

Learn and master these 8 skills and you’ll be the most unstoppable badass with profitable growth!

⚖️ Facebook Ads
? Google Ads / Shopping
? YouTube Ads
?‍♂️ Influencer Marketing
? Creatives
? Email

Did I miss any? Let me know— Arsalan ? (@LifeOfArsalan) February 14, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 8

Arsalan lists some key skills for ecommerce marketing success including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, influencer marketing, creatives, and more. For ecom brands, mastering Google Shopping ads is hugely important given Google’s dominance in product search. Completing Google’s Shopping ads certification can give you a big advantage.

Tweet #14: Google Ads and SEO Synergy

Pay-per-click campaigns can be the single most effective way to drive organic search visibility.

Add Google Ads budget to your SEO budget and capitalize on digital marketing’s two most powerful tools.— Sam Romain | SEO & PPC Agency (@Sam_Romain) April 12, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 9

Sam highlights how Google Ads and SEO work hand-in-hand and can complement each other. Google Ads can help expose your brand to new audiences and drive traffic to boost organic rankings. When used together, they offer short and long-term growth. Ads helpmeet immediate demand while SEO delivers sustainable results.

Tweet #15: The Power Duo

Google Ads – instant, short-term growth

SEO – sustainable, long-term growth

You need both to win.— Kai | eCommerce SEO (@KaiCromwell) January 2, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 10

Kai underscores how Google Ads and SEO complement each other – Ads offer quick growth while SEO builds lasting results. Developing expertise in both is vital for ecommerce brands. SEO has a steeper learning curve but its traffic is free once rankings improve.

Tweet #16: Google Ads Outage

I mean… it’s kinda weird timing that Google Ads is inaccessible the Monday after they layoff 10,000 people… right??? ????— Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk) January 23, 2023

Best Tweets about Google Ads: Detailed Insights & Tips 11

Kirk comments on the coincidental timing of the recent Google Ads outage that left advertisers unable to access their accounts shortly after Google’s mass layoffs. While likely just an unfortunate coincidence, it highlights the reliance on Google Ads and potential risks of outages. Having a backup like Microsoft Advertising can mitigate impact.

Key Takeaways

Going through this selection of tweets reveals many valuable insights about Google Ads:

  • Monitoring Twitter is a great way to keep up with Google Ads news, tips, and updates from industry experts.
  • Optimization should focus on maximizing conversion value, not just conversions. Quality over quantity.
  • Improving landing page experience is critical for increasing CTRs and conversion rates.
  • Take time to discover the right negative keywords to exclude irrelevant traffic.
  • Study competitors’ ads for proven marketing messages you can adapt.
  • A mix of brand and non-brand keywords is important for growth.
  • Manual bid adjustments can outperform automated bidding in many cases.
  • Mastering Google Ads and SEO together is powerful for long-term domination.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to Tweets about Google Ads.

What is the best thing about Google Ads?

Google Ads’ greatest strength is its massive reach and precise targeting capabilities. With Google’s dominance in search, YouTube, Gmail and more, Google Ads allows advertisers to put their message in front of the most relevant audiences at scale.

What is unique about Google Ads?

Some unique advantages of Google Ads include advanced automation through Smart campaigns, tight integration with Analytics for optimization, responsive search ads, and proprietary machine learning capabilities like Smart Bidding.

Why is Google Ads so successful?

Google Ads is hugely successful because it taps into intent-driven search volume on Google which has unmatched scale. People on Google are actively looking for products/services so qualified leads are built-in.

What are some headlines for Google Ads?

Headlines for Google Ads are the titles that appear at the top of an ad, capturing users’ attention and encouraging them to click on the ad. These headlines should be concise, engaging, and relevant to the ad’s content, leading to a higher click-through rate and better ad performance.


Monitoring Twitter gives valuable real-world perspectives on Google Ads strategy straight from PPC experts. The tweets curated in this article contain actionable tips on optimizations, trends, targeting, bidding, landing pages and more that can spur ideasapplicable to your own Google Ads campaigns. Implementing even a few of these learnings could significantly bolster your accountperformance. Staying on top of the latest Google Ads knowledge shared on Twitter can give you a competitive advantage.

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