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TweetHunter Review – Automated Growth App For Twitter

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Tweet Hunter is an AI-powered Twitter growth and monetization tool designed to make Twitter marketing effortless. It offers a comprehensive set of features to help users maximize their presence on Twitter, grow their audience, drive traffic, and increase revenue. The tool provides content inspiration, AI-generated tweets, tweet scheduling, auto-retweeting, and advanced analytics. With its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, Tweet Hunter aims to be an all-in-one solution for businesses, influencers, and creators looking to leverage the potential of Twitter for marketing purposes.

  • Over 2M viral tweets library: DISCOVER
  • Evergreen tweets: DISCOVER
  • Thread delay: DISCOVER
  • Add unlimited Twitter accounts: DISCOVER
  • AI writing tool that generates quality tweets
  • Access to a library of 3 million+ viral tweets
  • Tweet scheduler for convenient and timely posting
  • Auto DM feature to increase engagement with followers
  • Powerful analytics for insightful data about tweet performance
  • Daily follower growth report to track your audience growth
  • Generous 7-day free trial, which can be extended to 37 days
  • Provides automation features to grow your Twitter profile and make money
  • Currently, no dedicated mobile app, but the mobile site functions well

Twitter is an essential platform for businesses, influencers, and creators to build their brand and engage with their audience. With over 300 million monthly active users, Twitter offers immense potential to grow your following, traffic, and revenue.

However, maximizing your Twitter presence requires consistent effort in creating high-quality, engaging content and connecting with the right users. This is where tools like TweetHunter come in.

TweetHunter is an AI-powered Twitter growth and monetization tool that aims to make Twitter marketing effortless. In this detailed TweetHunter review, we will look at what TweetHunter is, its key features, pricing, and alternatives to help you determine if it is the right fit for your needs.

Detailed Features of TweetHunter

Some of the standout features of TweetHunter include:

TweetHunter Review

Content inspiration

Leverage TweetHunter’s library of over 2 million tweets to get content inspiration. The tool also gives you new tweet ideas based on your niche so you always have fresh ideas to tweet about.

AI-generated Tweets for you

Use the AI Writing Assistant inside TweetHunter to get AI-generated tweets tailored to your brand voice and niche. This saves a ton of time and effort needed to manually create high-performing tweets.

Make Money With Auto-plug feature

Monetize your tweets and grow your email list using the Auto Plug feature. It allows adding a link or call-to-action to your tweets automatically after they get a certain number of likes.

Engage with targeted Users using the CRM feature

Find potential customers and influencers in your niche using the CRM feature inside TweetHunter. You can then engage with these users via likes, retweets, and @ mentions to grow your community.

Manage multiple Twitter profiles

Manage unlimited Twitter profiles from one TweetHunter account. Switch between accounts with a click.

Tweet schedule feature

Use the Tweet Scheduler to plan and schedule tweets in advance so your Twitter profile stays active consistently. Bulk schedule multiple tweets at once.

Auto Retweet and auto-deletion of RTs

Automate retweeting users who tweet certain keywords to save time. TweetHunter also automatically deletes old retweets after some time to keep your profile looking fresh.

Twitter Thread on steroids

Easily create engaging Twitter threads around your niche using TweetHunter’s Thread Ideas and Rewriter. Schedule the entire thread with one click for hands-free automation.

These are just some of the key features TweetHunter provides to enhance your Twitter marketing efforts. Let’s look at some more ways the tool aims to benefit users.

AI writing assistant

Leverage artificial intelligence to get tweet ideas and fully written tweets customized to your niche and brand voice. The AI assistant inside TweetHunter learns your style to deliver high-quality suggestions.

CRM tools

Find potential customers and influencers in your industry to engage and build relationships with using the CRM capabilities. Send auto DMs, schedule tweets to multiple users, and more.

Schedulings and Automations

Save hours of manual work by using TweetHunter to schedule tweets in advance, set up auto retweets and likes, auto-delete old tweets, add CTAs or links to popular tweets, and more.

Advanced Twitter Analytics

Get detailed analytics and insights into the performance of your tweets and overall Twitter profile. Track stats like impressions, engagements, link clicks, audience demographics, top tweets, user growth, and more.

TweetHunter Review: Key Features

Let’s take a more categorized look at some of the key features TweetHunter provides:

Content Creation

  • AI Writing Assistant to get tweet ideas and fully written tweets
  • Access to library of 2+ million engaging tweets
  • Tweet Rewriter to create variations of high-performing tweets
  • Thread Ideas for creating viral Twitter threads
  • Attach media to tweets – images, GIFs, videos

Automate & Schedule

  • Tweet Scheduler to plan and schedule tweets in advance
  • Auto Tweet Deletion to keep profile fresh
  • Auto Retweet users based on keywords or hashtags
  • Auto Plug to add CTAs or links to popular tweets

Twitter CRM

  • Find potential followers and influencers in your niche
  • Engagement tools – auto likes, retweets, @ mentions
  • Send Auto DMs to new followers
  • Schedule tweets to multiple users

Analytics Tools – What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

  • Track tweet impressions, engagements
  • Monitor user growth and demographics
  • See top tweets and threads
  • Check link clicks and traffic sources
  • Measure overall account performance

More TweetHunter Features –

  • Manage unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Browser extensions for easy access
  • Collections to organize tweets into categories
  • Bulk tweet scheduling and publishing
  • Dark mode for interface
  • Phone app to access on the go

More Important features

  • Evergreen tweets – Schedule regular evergreen tweets to keep gaining steady traction
  • Categories – Organize your tweets and threads into custom categories like giveaways, product updates, etc.
  • Import tweets – Repurpose old tweets by importing them into TweetHunter
  • Emojis & Tags – Easily add emojis, tags, and @mentions in your tweets
  • Tweeted tweets – Track which tweets you’ve already tweeted before
  • Image hosting – Upload images which can be attached to tweets
  • Tweet templates – Use ready-made tweet templates relevant to your niche

With this expansive set of features for creating, scheduling, automating, and analyzing your Twitter efforts, TweetHunter aims to offer an all-in-one solution for Twitter growth and monetization.

Next, let’s see how these capabilities of TweetHunter can benefit users specifically.

How TweetHunter Can Help You Grow on Twitter

Here are some of the key ways TweetHunter can assist you in building your presence and monetizing your audience on Twitter:

Personal Experiences and Opinions

There are many TweetHunter reviews and experiences shared by actual users online. Here are some of the key takeaways:

TweetHunter Review: What do we love the most?

  • The AI assistant saves a huge amount of time and effort needed to manually create high-quality tweets.
  • Being able to schedule weeks’ worth of content in advance is a massive win for consistency and freeing up time.
  • Analytics inside TweetHunter provide detailed and actionable data to tweak Twitter strategy for better results.
  • Auto Plug is a simple yet powerful feature to monetize viral tweets by adding CTAs and links to drive traffic or email signups.
  • The Tweet Rewriter takes top performing tweets and creates multiple variations to gain more traction.

TweetHunter Review: 3 Things I Love About TweetHunter

  1. Auto DM – Being able to send an automated DM to new followers helps start and build relationships. The onboarding message can link to lead magnets.
  2. Tweet Inspiration – Never struggling for content ideas with TweetHunter’s millions of tweet templates and AI generated suggestions based on your niche.
  3. Auto Plug – The ability to add my email signup link or product URL to tweets that reach a certain number of likes has been huge for lead gen and sales.

What is TweetHunter missing

Some limitations shared by users are:

  • TweetHunter lacks some advanced Twitter analytics provided by tools like Rival IQ. But it covers most day-to-day metrics needed.
  • The AI assistant could benefit from more customization based on brand voice. But its tweet suggestions are decent for most use cases.
  • There have been some minor issues reported with scheduled tweets not always posting on time. But support is quick to fix these glitches.

The verdict is that TweetHunter delivers on its core promise of saving time and optimizing Twitter results for most users. It covers the 80% of features needed for Twitter growth very well. The only limitations are some advanced analytics lacking compared to bigger tools, and the AI not being 100% aligned with brand voice always.

But for the price, TweetHunter provides immense value, as shared by most users.

Target Audience

TweetHunter is designed primarily for two types of users:

Businesses and Brands

It can help businesses in any niche build their brand and drive leads, sales, and revenue through Twitter. Useful for small businesses, startups, ecommerce brands, local businesses, agencies, and more.

Influencers, Creators, and Public Figures

TweetHunter is also ideal for influencers, creators, authors, bloggers, public figures etc. to grow their audience and monetize it through lead gen, promoting offers, or selling own products. Useful for any niche.

Essentially any individual or brand looking to maximize their reach, engagement, and revenue potential on Twitter can benefit from TweetHunter.

It may provide less value to casual Twitter users just looking for a free scheduling tool with basic features. The pricing only makes sense for serious users able to monetize Twitter growth.

Safety and Security

An important consideration for any social media tool is whether it is safe and secure to use. Here is a brief overview of TweetHunter’s safety features:

  • No password access – TweetHunter needs only read-only access to your Twitter account to post scheduled tweets. It does not have access to your Twitter password.
  • Official API partner – TweetHunter uses the official Twitter API for read-only permissions to accounts. This is safer compared to unofficial workarounds some tools use.
  • No edit access – The tool has read-only rights to view analytics and post scheduled tweets. It cannot directly edit, delete, or otherwise manage tweets.
  • SSL encryption – TweetHunter’s website and app use SSL encryption for all data transmission for security. Most user data is also encrypted at rest.

For extra safety, users should create a separate Twitter profile just for TweetHunter to manage if concerned. But the tool does follow safe practices overall in our experience.

Now let’s look at TweetHunter’s pricing and plans.

TweetHunter Pricing Information

TweetHunter offers three main paid plans:

TweetHunter Pricing

DISCOVER – $49 per month

GROW – $49 per month (AI Writer and CRM)

ENTERPRISE – $200 per month

It also provides a free 7-day trial on signup so you can test TweetHunter risk-free initially.

Key differences between the plans are:

  • Starter plan includes core features like content library, scheduler, analytics, collections, etc.
  • Superior plan adds the AI Writing Assistant for generating unlimited tweet suggestions based on your niche.
  • Business plan has additional features like 45 Twitter accounts, faster support, account manager, and integrations.

TweetHunter Review: Pricing – It’s a STEAL at this price.

Considering the sheer volume of automation and time savings TweetHunter provides, most users feel even the highest $200 per month Business plan is a steal.

The tool can easily recover far more than 10x its cost for serious Twitter marketers by driving more traffic, followers, engagement, email signups, affiliate sales etc.

Casual users may find the Starter plan with core automation features sufficient for their needs at $49 per month. This covers all essential Twitter marketing capabilities for individuals and smaller brands on a budget.

For larger businesses, the marginal extra cost of the Business plan unlocks additional account and integration benefits that can further scale Twitter impact.

Compared to hiring a dedicated community manager or social media expert, TweetHunter pays for itself almost immediately in savings and extra growth achieved for most use cases.

Alternatives and Competitors

Some of the top TweetHunter alternatives and competitors include:

  • Hypefury – Top competitor with similar Twitter growth features and a free plan. Priced higher starting at $19 per month.
  • Typefully – Focuses just on AI tweet writing assistant starting at $12 per month.
  • Hootsuite – Leading social media management platform with Twitter marketing features. Plans from $99 per month.
  • Buffer – Popular social media scheduler with some Twitter optimization features. From $12 per month.
  • Zlappo – Newer Twitter growth tool with free plan. Lacks some advanced features of TweetHunter.
  • Sprout Social – Full social media management platform. Expensive at $99+ per month.

Each competitor has its own pros and cons in terms of features, pricing, support etc. But TweetHunter strikes a solid balance of advanced automation capabilities for Twitter at affordable rates in our experience.

It packs an incredible amount of firepower into a user-friendly platform to maximize your Twitter presence and monetization for a very reasonable cost.

Get the most out of TweetHunter:

  • Research competitors and influencers in your niche to find and engage potential new followers
  • Utilize TweetHunter’s analytics reports to tweak your posting times, hashtags, tweets lengths etc. for better performance
  • Leverage AI Writing Assistant to create an evergreen library of high-quality tweets tailored to your brand
  • Use Auto Plug and Auto DM features to monetize your tweets and convert new followers into email subscribers
  • Take time to organize your tweets into Categories and Collections for easy discovery and repurposing

With the right efforts, TweetHunter can help take your Twitter game to new heights in 2023. From increasing audience reach and engagement to monetizing your following, it hands you the tools to unlock Twitter’s immense marketing potential.


In conclusion, TweetHunter is a comprehensive, AI-powered Twitter marketing tool that is worth considering if you’re serious about growing your Twitter presence. It offers a range of features that can help you find engaging content, schedule tweets, and optimize your Twitter presence.

The platform is easy to use, and the AI capabilities are genuinely helpful. The pricing may be a bit steep for individuals or small businesses, but the potential return on investment makes it worthwhile. Don’t Forget to drop a Follow at @FassihFayyaz.

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