Fassih Fayyaz – Internet Marketing Scholarship

At FassihFayyaz, our FassihFayyaz Blog values education by helping those that are in need to fund their dreams. Since school can be extremely expensive, we understand how hard it can be to obtain your dreams of what you want to be. Since books, housing, tuition, the cost of undergrad and the cost of graduate school. Before you knew it, all of this can easily start adding up to the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

So we are pleased to announce that we are helping those that are in need of financial assistance by making it just a little bit easier. FassihFayyaz is pleased to be offering an annual $1,000 scholarship to an individual who are currently attending college or graduate school in the near future.

We created the FassihFayyaz E-Marketing Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the passion of “Internet Marketing” to receive a $1000 award.

Students currently studying in areas of Marketing, Business, IT or Communications may find this scholarship program extremely useful.

Rules for Taking Part

To enter this scholarship program you must research and create a piece of text between 500-1000 words on the subject: “Internet Marketing and its Importance in 2017”.

Please include these points:

  • Why is e-marketing is important?
  • How do our websites/articles use this?

The successful candidate will receive $1000 towards course materials or other resources. For more information see below.

Eligible and Imaginative

Please only apply if currently enrolled as a student in a college, university or high school, as only these candidates will be considered.

The text you create must be original and imaginative. The words must be persuasive and appealing; convincing the reader that you are informed, correct and experienced.

When assessing entered articles, we will be taking note of many factors including inventiveness, imagination, credibility of information amongst others.

Submitting your Application

1. Write an original piece of text/article between 500-1000 words, and save as a .doc file. Also include a URL of your website (if applicable).

2. Then email us at [email protected] with all of the details listed below and attached Word document.

  • Personal Details (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  • School Name.
  • Area of Study.
  • Proof of Student status

Please note, by entering your article, you are giving us the permission to use it either for promotions and marketing purposes.


The final date for submission is November 30th, and the winner will be announced by December 20th and the cheque will be mailed out by December 30th.

$1,000 Cheque will be sent directly to your college.

We run our scholarship program annually.