Zlappo vs Hypefury: A Comprehensive Comparison & Review

Over the last few years, Twitter has become an indispensable platform for building brands and connecting with target audiences. With over 300 million monthly active users, the platform offers immense potential for creators to grow their presence. However, with so much noise, standing out on Twitter requires smart marketing techniques and the right tools.

This brings us to Hypefury and Zlappo – two of the most popular Twitter growth services right now. Both tools promise to enhance audience engagement and give creators an edge on the platform. But how exactly do they compare against each other? Which one is better suited for your goals?

In this detailed comparison, we’ll evaluate the core features and pricing of Hypefury and Zlappo. We’ll also explore why many creators are shifting from Zlappo to Hypefury for managing their Twitter presence. Let’s get started!

Understanding Your Options: Hypefury vs Zlappo

In the world of Twitter growth and automation tools, Hypefury and Zlappo have made a mark. However, they cater to distinct user needs and have different strengths.

Hypefury is best for:

Hypefury features
  • Comprehensive Twitter growth with features like auto-plug, auto-DMs, auto-retweet, and more
  • Monetizing your audience and creating scarcity sales with Gumroad integration
  • Multi-platform support – post to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • An entire creator ecosystem including free assets, courses, newsletters etc.

Zlappo is good for:

Zlappo features

Zlappo shines when it comes to automatically retweeting content multiple times and posting content at optimal times. It suits users who don’t prioritize monetizing their brand and are more focused on maintaining a consistent Twitter presence.

  • Automatically retweeting content multiple times
  • Scheduling tweets optimally for higher engagement

However, Zlappo no longer supports Twitter natively. Users have to bring their own API key which goes against Twitter’s Terms of Service. This makes most features on Zlappo redundant.

Zlappo no longer supports Twitter natively

Regrettably, Zlappo no longer supports Twitter natively and requires users to bring their own API key, which is against Twitter’s Terms of Service. This change has rendered many of its features, except for basic tweet scheduling, non-functional.

Zlappo vs Hypefury

The Shift: Why People Are Moving to Hypefury

Given Zlappo’s limitations with Twitter integration, it’s no surprise that many creators are shifting to Hypefury.

Why People Are Shifting to Hypefury

The shift to Hypefury is not surprising given its compliance with Twitter’s Terms of Service, constant updates, and the addition of new features on a weekly basis. Testimonials from people moving away from Zlappo highlight Hypefury’s reliable service, ease of use, and the ability to repurpose content.

Hypefury vs Zlappo

Here are the key reasons for this change:

  • Hypefury complies with Twitter’s API guidelines and continues to deliver new features regularly
  • Users highlight simplicity and ease of repurposing content on Hypefury
  • The platform is more reliable and professional compared to Zlappo
  • Comprehensive analytics help creators optimize their strategy
  • Multi-platform support on Hypefury facilitates growth across social media

Let’s look at a few testimonials from people who’ve made the switch:

I used Zlappo for Twitter automation earlier but their service became unreliable. Hypefury has been a gamechanger – the interface is so easy to use! I can recycle my top-performing tweets and grow my followers consistently every week.”

@Hypefury’s template library helps me create engaging threads and tweets within minutes. It’s the perfect tool to establish myself as an expert on Twitter.”

“After Zlappo stopped working with Twitter API, I knew it was time to make the switch. Hypefury has all the features I need to take my profile to the next level!

As these examples highlight, Hypefury streamlines your Twitter presence and helps build authority in your niche. But how exactly can the platform accomplish this?

Hypefury vs Zlappo: Make the Switch

While the decision ultimately depends on individual needs, the migration towards Hypefury can be attributed to its promise of stability, consistent updates, and a community-driven approach to growth.

How Hypefury is Suited For Your Twitter Growth

Hypefury review

Designed to support growth across all social media platforms, not just Twitter, Hypefury offers features such as auto-DMs, auto-retweet, evergreen tweets, and more, making it an excellent tool for Twitter growth. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Evergreen tweet library – Save your top-performing tweets and reuse them to maximize engagement
  • Recurring tweets – Schedule tweets to repeat on autopilot for consistent exposure.
  • Prompt library – Get access to niche-specific prompts/questions to spark ideas
  • Auto-engage – Auto-like, retweet, and follow users who engage with your content
  • Thread templates – Use pre-made templates to create viral threads easily
  • Auto-DM – Send scheduled direct messages to new followers

These powerful tools enable you to keep growing your audience and establishing authority on Twitter. And it doesn’t stop at just Twitter – Hypefury facilitates multi-platform social media growth.

Exploring Alternatives: Hypefury as a Zlappo Alternative

For creators looking to move on from Zlappo, Hypefury is the perfect alternative. Here’s why:

Hypefury vs Zlappo

Zlappo Alternative: Hypefury

Given the limitations of Zlappo, Hypefury has emerged as a viable alternative that offers a stable service with an array of features to help you grow your online presence.

You get access to features like auto-retweets and recurring tweets – the same functionality Zlappo was known for. But more importantly, Hypefury takes your Twitter presence to the next level with:

  • Monetization: Sell your offerings directly via Twitter using Gumroad
  • Multi-platform support: Post your tweets to LinkedIn and Instagram as well
  • Automated engagement: Strategies to boost tweet engagement

Hypefury essentially helps you pick up from where Zlappo left off and accomplish much more!

More than just a tool

Hypefury is more than an automation tool. It provides an entire creator ecosystem, including free assets, email courses, newsletters, and a supportive community to help you grow your social media presence.

Hypefury vs Zlappo

It offers an entire ecosystem for creators through initiatives like:

  • HFCommunity – Connect with 7,000+ like-minded creators
  • Free assets – Images, templates, guides to spruce up your profile
  • Email courses – Learn from industry experts through mini-courses
  • Newsletters – Insider tips and tricks to grow your audience

This ecosystem essentially gives you a supportive community and resources to establish yourself as an authority in your space.

Content Creation Made Easy

Hypefury simplifies content creation with features like recurring tweets, niche-specific prompts and inspiration, and engagement questions and templates. This makes it easier for you to create compelling content and connect with your audience. Hypefury makes it simple through:

Hypefury vs Zlappo
  • Niche-specific prompts – Get prompts catered to your industry
  • Engagement Q&As – High-performing questions to spark conversation
  • Collaboration features – Co-author threads with other creators
  • Saved caption library – Repurpose your best captions

No more struggling with writer’s block! Let Hypefury handle your content while you focus on big-picture strategy.

Grow Your Social Media Following

Hypefury vs Zlappo

With Hypefury, you can post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram with just one click, facilitating growth on multiple platforms. It’s a perfect tool for those aiming to expand their digital footprint. Of course, Hypefury offers all the tools you need to proactively grow your following and boost engagement:

  • Hashtag research – Discover trending hashtags in your niche
  • Auto-retweet – Reshare others’ content to engage new users
  • Auto-DM – Send new followers a custom message
  • Analytics – Identify best times to post, your top content etc.

These features work together to expand your Twitter presence and establish credibility.

Monetizing Social Media: The Value of Hypefury

Hypefury allows integration with Gumroad for monetizing your social media presence. By creating scarcity sales and automating your marketing efforts, you can earn revenue from your content in a streamlined way. Hypefury simplifies making money from your audience through:

Hypefury vs Zlappo

Monetize Your Social Media Presence

With Hypefury’s Gumroad integration, you can:

  • Add ‘Buy Now’ buttons to your tweets and threads
  • Create sales funnels and limited-time offers
  • Promote your products/services directly on Twitter

You can essentially turn your growing follower base into a community of buyers supporting your business.

Hypefury also lets you deliver automated marketing sequences. Make sales, promote offers, and build excitement around product launches – all on autopilot.

These powerful tools take your Twitter earnings to the next level. Let’s now compare Hypefury’s pricing plans.

Understanding What You’re Paying For: Pricing and Value

Hypefury’s pricing starts at $15.83/month, offering different plans with various features and also has a free plan with some limited features. Its value proposition lies in being a comprehensive, all-in-one toolfor social media management. Whether you’re looking to grow your follower base, boost engagement, or monetize your content, Hypefury delivers.

Hypefury Pricing


Hypefury offers two main pricing tiers:

  1. Free: Costs Nothing and some of the useful features, suitable fo individuals looking to get started.
  2. Standard: Costs $15.83/month, suitable for individuals looking to grow their online presence.
  3. Pro: Priced at $19/month, designed for professional content creators and brands seeking advanced features.

Starting from

You can begin with Hypefury’s Personal plan at just $15.83/month and upgrade to the Pro plan as your needs evolve.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, Hypefury stands out. It offers a robust platform that combines content creation, audience growth, and monetization capabilities. This comprehensive approach helps users maximize their social media potential, making it a great investment.


The Zlappo vs Hypefury debate boils down to individual needs, but the shift towards Hypefury is evident. With its compliance with Twitter’s terms, a wide range of features, and a supportive community, Hypefury offers more than just a tool for social media management.

Here are the key takeaways from our comparison:

  • With its deprecated Twitter integration, Zlappo is no longer a viable option. The app only offers basic scheduling now.
  • Hypefury fills the gap with Twitter automation features that comply with API guidelines. It drives growth across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Hypefury simplifies monetization through integrated sales funnels and promotions. Zlappo lacks monetization capabilities.
  • For an all-in-one Twitter and social media growth solution, Hypefury is the clear winner. It provides the analytics, automation, and community support creators need.

It provides a holistic ecosystem for content creators to grow, engage, and monetize their online presence. If you’re considering a switch or looking for a powerful Twitter management tool, Hypefury is worth a look.

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