The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes

Memes have become an integral part of internet culture and social media marketing in the last decade. On Twitter specifically, memes are a great way to connect with your audience and spread laughter and joy.

According to Twitter, The surprising power of internet memes – BBC Future on average than Tweets without memes. Memes boost engagement as they resonate with the emotions and shared experiences of your followers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about crafting viral memes tailored for Twitter in 2023.

Understanding the Twitter Meme Culture

Twitter’s format makes it perfect for visual memes. The 280 character limit encourages users to express ideas through images paired with short text or hashtags.

Memes on Twitter spread quickly as users Retweet them across their networks. Trending hashtags also allow memes to reach beyond one’s immediate followers.

Brands leverage Twitter memes to create shareable content that followers want to interact with. Memes help build an approachable, fun brand personality.

An Altogether Different World

The world of Twitter memes has its own culture and norms. To create content that resonates, you need to understand this world.

Learning to navigate this world means understanding what resonates with the Twitter audience. It’s about staying updated with trends, knowing the meme jargon, and most importantly, appreciating the humor.

Follow trending hashtags and topics to see the type of humor and creativity that works. Observe how the biggest meme accounts engage their audience.

Mastering this culture will inform the tone, topics, and humor of the memes you produce.

Twitter’s meme culture moves rapidly as users jump from trend to trend. To create timely, relevant memes, you need to stay on top of emerging trends.

Trends on Twitter are ever-changing, making it crucial to stay on top of them. By incorporating trending topics into your memes, you can increase their visibility and engagement. Twitter’s “Explore” tab is a great place to start. You can also follow Best Twitter Growth Tools for more insights.

It’s not just about Twitter trends though. Memes often cross platforms, so keep an eye on trends across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok too. You never know where your next meme inspiration will come from!

Follow meme hashtags as they emerge to analyze what people are creating. For example, #BackToSchool in September or #NetflixAndChill on weekends.

This ensures your memes tap into what’s popular right now on Twitter.

Getting Inspired: Learning from the Big Players

Observe how top Twitter meme accounts produce viral content consistently. This will provide creative inspiration for your own memes.

How To Make Twitter Memes

Keep an Eye on Big Memers

Just as writers read, memers must follow other memers. Learning from the big players can provide insights into what works and what doesn’t. Observe their style, their timing, and the kind of content they post. This can help you develop your own unique meme style.

Follow accounts like @dory, @Daquan, and @GameOfMemes.

Analyze their memes to identify:

  • The meme formats and templates they use
  • Current topics and trends they focus on
  • Their unique meme style and brand voice
  • What makes their memes so engaging

How to Make Sure Your Memes are Funny

Humor is subjective, so make memes that you and your audience find funny.

What Makes You Laugh?

Humor is subjective, but there’s one rule that holds true: if it makes you laugh, it’ll probably make someone else laugh too. Find what tickles your funny bone and leverage it in your memes.

Take note of the jokes, images, and content that make you and your friends laugh. This real-life insight is more valuable than abstract humor theories.

Incorporate these learnings into your memes for maximum laughs.

Creating Original Memes on Twitter

While meme formats tend to spread and evolve, truly viral memes offer a new twist. Here’s how to make original memes for Twitter.

The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes 1

How to Make Original Memes Twitter

Originality is key in meme culture. It’s about taking a popular format and putting your own twist on it. Be it a funny observation or a witty comment, original content often performs well. For more tips, check out How to Write Good Tweets on my website.

  • Use trending topics combined with an unexpected format or joke
  • Add your unique brand persona through tone of voice and imagery
  • Leverage inside jokes and relatable humor tailored to your followers
  • Experiment with parodying popular culture like movies or songs

Be Creative and Sarcastic

The funniest memes go beyond the obvious to offer ironic, hyperbolic, or clever commentary. Don’t be afraid to get creative and sarcastic!

Sarcasm is the heart of Twitter memes. It’s about saying the most with the least, using irony and wit. So, unleash your inner comedian and let the memes flow!

Incorporating Inputs from Other Social Networks

While tailoring content for Twitter, also stay updated on meme culture on other platforms.

Take Help from Other Social Networking Sites

Other social networks can be goldmines of inspiration. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are full of trending memes that you can adapt for Twitter. Just remember to give credit where it’s due!

Follow meme hashtags on Instagram like #meme and viral TikTok meme songs.

This allows you to identify fresh meme trends before they hit Twitter that you can adapt for your audience.

Tools and Techniques for Creating Memes

With the right tools, you can easily create professional, eye-catching memes.

The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes 2

Which Tools Can You Use to Make Twitter Memes?

There are several tools out there to help you create memes. Some popular ones include Canva, PicMonkey, and Kapwing. For more resources, check out my post on Best Twitter Automation Tools.

  • Canva: Free graphic design tool with meme templates
  • Kapwing: Meme maker with video editing features
  • IMGflip: Quick meme generator with popular templates
  • PicMonkey: Online photo editor for images and text
  • TweetGen: Twitter-specific meme maker

How to Generate Memes on Twitter

Creating memes on Twitter is a mix of creativity and strategic planning. You need to come up with a funny idea, design it using a meme generator, and post it at the right time for maximum engagement.

  1. Select a trending topic or inspiration
  2. Find or create your meme image/video
  3. Add text using a meme generator
  4. Customize with emojis, Twitter handles, etc.
  5. Post your meme natively on Twitter

Exploring the Best Free Twitter Meme Generators

Fake Twitter memes are essentially screenshots of tweets that never actually happened. They can be great for a laugh. Some tools to create these include:

  1. TweetGen
  2. Zeoob
  3. Kapwing

Part 1. How to Make a Fake Twitter Meme?


TweetGwen lets you make fake Tweets using a meme template with your text. Features include:

The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes 3
  • Customizable user handle, profile pic, Tweet text
  • Library of popular meme images
  • Generates image for Twitter native upload


Zeoob is another fake Tweet generator with a focus on celebrities. You can:

The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes 4
  • Choose from celeb profile pics
  • Create meme Tweet text
  • Download the meme graphic


The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Twitter Memes 5

The Kapwing editor has templates for fake Tweets, DMs, and comments. Plus 1000s of memes, videos, and images to remix.

Part 2. How to Make a Meme for Twitter? [Simplest]

If you want to create a traditional meme for Twitter, you can use: Meme Generator’s meme maker has preset Twitter templates. Just add text and download your meme.


Clideo is a quick meme generator with templates sized for Twitter.


The Invideo editor lets you add text, emojis, and stickers to videos for Twitter-friendly memes.

How to Gain More Twitter Followers with Memes

Amusing and engaging memes attract more followers on Twitter. Here are some tips:

Get More Twitter Followers

  • Use relevant trending hashtags so your memes appear in searches
  • @ mention influencers or brands related to the meme topic
  • Encourage Retweets and follows within your memes
  • Analyze meme performance to create more of what resonates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How To Make Twitter Memes

Here are some most frequently asked questions on How To Make Twitter Memes.

Where do you get memes for twitter?

Check trending Twitter hashtags, meme subreddits, and meme accounts on other platforms. Make note of real-life funny content to adapt into memes.

What GIF app does Twitter use?

You can upload GIFs directly to Twitter on mobile and desktop. Popular GIF tools include GIPHY, Imgur, and Kapwing.

Can I make my Twitter pic a GIF?

Yes, you can set an animated GIF as your Twitter avatar. Keep file size under 3MB for best results.

How do I copy a tweet as a picture?

On the Tweet, click the download icon to save as PNG. Or use extensions like BirdCapture or Tweet2Pic to capture Tweets.

Can a meme be a tweet?

Absolutely! Most viral Twitter memes are just an image or video with text overlay. The short, engaging format lends itself perfectly to memes.

Memes are legal under fair use copyright law. But avoid using copyrighted images without permission or modification. Parody memes tend to be protected.


Memes represent an incredibly powerful way to connect with your Twitter audience. By understanding the culture and trends, leveraging the right creation tools, and focusing on humor, you can craft viral memes that spread. Analyze performance to constantly improve and adapt your strategy.

With the tips in this guide, you’re ready to create engaging memes that will make your Twitter followers laugh.

To take your Twitter marketing to the next level, check out Tweet Hunter. Their powerful tools can help you build your audience, automate content creation, and analyze performance. Sign up now to supercharge your Twitter results.

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